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The long haul just got longer! WOOOOO

We got good news. We got good news to be. We aren't sick. Yet.

Are you taking your temperature? My doctor says that's a great way to keep tabs on your health if you feel okay but want to stay on top of potential COVID-19 symptoms. Have you had enough about COVID-19 yet? *weird face*

I'll be taking my temp daily, and I hope you all will, too. Please let me know if you get a fever or other symptoms so I can pull your pup out of rotation and credit you for the days lost to your quarantining.
This week's topics:
  • We Hired Someone! You Might Know Him
  • Health Stuff for the Humans
  • The Dog Notes

Whatever you've been doing these past two weeks, I hope you're doing well.

We Hired Someone! You Might Know Him

Well well well, if it isn't Cameron Walls.

Cameron is coming back to us as a more permanent walker for groups and is still accepting sittings in his home! Cam will be driving around in our way cool new dog mobile, the Xterra! The Xterra is joining the MinDX (thanks to Bacon's dad for that slick name) and we get to say we have a fleet! How cool is that? My insurance agent loves it.

Cam is delighted to see everyone again and will be joining us soon depending on the COVID conditions (ha. hahaha. ha. hoho. oof.) We are all thrilled to have him and Bogie back.

We still need people! We are looking to hire at least one more person to help with groups so we can get our waiting list friends into the mix. Send walkers our way for consistent hours!
Have you met the whole gang?

Health Stuff for the Humans

I will be continuing groups based off of Santa Clara County's mandate released on Monday, March 16th as long as I nor my partner show any signs of COVID-19. If either of us display signs, I will contact you all and halt walks until it is resolved. If YOU display any signs, please contact us so we can halt your family's walks until it resolves. Thank you for your support and your patience with the whole novel-virus-we-don't-have-any-herd-immunity-to-quite-yet. Here's the latest:
I'm wearing masks, wiping the dogs down, and the dogmobile gets a daily dosing of Lysol. I am also wiping down as many surfaces as I can with Lysol that I touch at or around your home.

If you're looking for a mask or five for your own uses, I got some made by David of Thatch Work Designs. He is a seamster who primarily sews originals for drag queens and is currently churning out as many 100% cotton masks as he can. You can contact him on his instagram page as well as see his examples. Hurray, machine-washable and helping a small business!

Please note: these masks DO NOT stop the transmission of COVID-19 but do cut down on what you may transmit to others (cuts down on spray.) I'm looking to fit mine with some filter paper ...if I can figure out how to do that.


We had some feathered friends join us on Monday at Sanborn County Park. The dogs went crazy while the boys were gobble gobbling to any threats to their ladies. The guy by the truck was pecking at his reflection in the bumper for a good twenty minutes.

Weekly notes!

  • Luke, Bianca, and Davis took some social distancing time to be good boys and girls. Their updates have been sweet!
  • Bodhi wants to know why I have to wipe him down every time I see him.
  • Pepe shivering every time I picked him up surely was a sad look. Poor guy got cold between the house and walking to me a whole six feet. He warmed up just fine in his hoodie and with his friends!
  • Peanut's upset. We have no idea why. He's been the anchor every day. He is over it.
  • Callie wants you to know that looking like a cow is not on her favorite things to do list, but getting treats for coming when she called is.
  • Rita has a smile on her face every day. On Tuesday the smile was from finding yet another mummified squirrel, this time stuck in a fence.
  • Luna and Kara have been enjoying their quiet friendship of being behind me to the left, watching over the group and ready to be treated in no-seconds time.
  • Dash was the ham of the week. He was extra cute and made sure to be close by whenever treats were being divvied.
  • Bacon's breeders are a bunch of liars. This guy isn't a labradoodle, he's a guard dog! He alerts us to anything funny looking around us, from kids to skateboards.
  • Mindy continues to earn her nickname The Menace, and she cleared out a dog park all on her own by barking at her friends at the top of her lungs.

Have a great week!
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