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This week's news: health reminders for a healthy new year

We are entering the last week of our wild and crazy holiday session. I hope everyone enjoyed their week "off" and got to spend time with people and animals they like. Let's take a look at the past week.

In this week's email you will find:
  • reminder for this incoming week's "holiday" schedule
  • health reminder for vaccinations and more
  • muzzle update
  • our doggy updates

The schedule may still still weird.

Our incoming week is just about back to normal. If you're unsure about if your fuzzy family member is slotted for their group time, please refer to your most recent invoice's "Notes" section, which has your dates of service listed.

We do not yet have another walker on board just yet. For the time being, we will be sticking with our two shifts. If you know anyone who may be a good fit, send them this link!

Invoices went out this weekend with a couple of stragglers getting sent today. Watch your inboxes!

Dun dun dunnnnn. Official health stuff!

Listen up, hiking and walking crew! We have three (3?!) things to cover in this section. Vaccinations, parasite preventatives, and our emergency cards.

1. Vaccinations: Every licensed dog is required to have a rabies vaccination in the county of Santa Clara, which everyone lives within. Good Sit requires a rabies vaccination, which we have been going on faith so far. Please make sure your rabies vaccination is up to date as we will be requiring proof of rabies vaccinations on March 18th. If or when your dog is up to date, please send proof of vaccination (electronic receipt or licensing works well) to
2. Parasite Preventatives: Please make sure your best buddy is getting their flea and tick preventative each month. Having recently had a few flea bites myself from who may not have had their preventative lately has brought me to write about it. Even though it's cold outside and bugs are down, fleas and ticks are still very much a thing, as is heartworm. I have had to help care for heartworm positive dogs in the past, and I hope none of ours get it as it is a long road to recovery or, forgive the phrase, short road to the rainbow bridge.

Please note: some preventatives only cover one or two parasites; the other(s) may not be included. Check your labels and with your vets about what works best for your active, outdoorsy animal.

3. Emergency cards: we will start to carry ID cards for all our dogs on group in our vehicles. These full-page cards will be utilized by emergency personnel or veterinary staff in case your dog's handler is incapacitated at the time of need. Here's an example card from another professional:

I will keep you posted on what information I will need from you once I get my drafts done!

Muzzle Update

Rita is now wearing the muzzle full-time on our outings, and it is allowing her greater freedom, particularly in the dog parks during off-leash time! We are thrilled to see her getting to run around with the other dogs without worrying about her ingesting something bad for her.

If you are interested in muzzle training your own dog, please let me know and we can do it together. My plan is to eventually get a custom muzzle for Min from Bumas. They are recommended by instructors involved in The Muzzle Up Project, an organization that advocates for safe handling and teaching practices for dogs who need a little extra help.

Thanks, Cam!

Cameron walked with us this past Friday! Everyone was overjoyed, and my feet thank him.

Weekly notes!

  • Bianca has been recovering from an injury this past week. We are excited to have her back! We have missed her direction.
  • Davis is joining us for full on five days a week! We look forward to seeing his smiley face more often.
  • Kara has been enjoying more and more space in the backhatch whether the others make room or not.
  • Cider continues to crack up the humans with her sweet and comical faces she pulls when treats are near.
  • Bodhi showed us his best kangaroo impression at the Baylands.
  • Bacon was overjoyed to be back with his squad and celebrated with squeaks and grumbles.
  • Pepe had such a good time on Thursday that he curled up on his seat and conked out on the ride home.
  • Bogie (Cameron's dog) visited us on Friday and did his best to be the best boy. And he was.
  • Diya has her nose to the ground and her houndy tail to the sky. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  • Luna kept checking on me during each walk. "You're still there, right?"
  • Peanut has been getting a full wardrobe change as he is in between sizes and gets different jackets for different days.
  • Dash has revealed that his name stands for dashing as he sported his blue bandana. Very fetching, buddy.
  • Yoda got a sprint on Friday as I was adjusting his leash. He had a victory circle or five, then trotted back to join the group.
  • Rita has been dancing her butt off on Tuesday and Thursday with her newfound off-leash freedom.
  • Mindy did not run into a street nor jump on a highway, but she did eat a mushroom and got an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Check your yards and walking areas and clear out any mushrooms for your dogs' safety!

Have a great week!
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