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Hi I'm back! Just kidding I got injured again.


For this "week's" update, we have:
  • What the heck is going on with me (Steph)
  • Showing off our employees/subs
  • What the plan is while I recover
  • Sections for walkers and those in training with a special shout-out to our sitting clients
  • Bits of raging

First it was the abs, now it's the back.

Hi everyone! Please forgive the impersonal approach as I cannot call and text 40+ (?!) people all this information.
As you may or may not know I underwent a surgery on March 30th to help track down and eliminate endometriosis and comorbid issues found in the abdomen. If you're interested in how it went, you can head over to this post on Facebook (available to view if you do not have a Facebook account) that describes what they found. If you're interested in surgery photos, I can email those to you, complete with labels! Yay science.
Unfortunately during this recovery period, just this last week I experienced a bulging disc in my lower spine, confirmed by a trip to emergency and two MRIs. This bulge prevents me from doing any walking beyond little pitter patter steps, which means I will not be able to personally walk the group dogs or any dog beyond 20 pounds of weight. This is... irritating.

I am still able to do dog training if I get enough rest each day. I greatly apologize for the inconvenience that is my health. The next sections are for each type of service you may be utilizing.

(Everyone! read this part)

  1. Our wonderful employees and substitutes really let me relax and heal while the groups went uninterrupted. Depending on if I did your pickups or not, you may have seen Andi, Stephanie, or Connie (or maybe all three!) over the last four weeks. Connie is one of our training referral partners, Stephanie is a veteran dog walker and a referral for walks, and Andi has been a superstar worker since she started with us last September. I am grateful for their professionalism and help!
  2. I am slowly introducing myself back to my regular schedule. I have been re-introducing myself back to walking, but with my back now, it will be back to Andi and our substitutes to keep our best buddies active every weekday morning. The best way to contact anyone right now is via texting on 650-332-2335 the work number, as it is accessible by everyone thanks to the magic of Google Voice. If you call that number, I will be the only person to answer/check the voicemail.
  3. I am still able to housesit and dogsit at this time. While I will not be able to walk dogs, I can still provide fun and enrichment within my limitations! The dogs will still be treated as family members, and they will stay busy each day.
  4. As we have been doing the past few months, if I am booked up for a specific date, I will refer you to my employee Andi to housesit for your fuzzy family. You can contact her directly via our Google Voice number, 650-332-2335. If we are both unavailable, I can refer you to someone else.
  5. Billing: as my head is a bit messy right now (pain + drugs wooo drugs) and has been the last month, I will do my best to get my rear in gear for billing! Ack. My focus has been uninterrupted service. I will be working on billing this week!

Active and Incoming Walking and Group
Read Here

  1. We are entering the weird time of the year as far as weather is concerned. From time to time we will be starting our pickups at 8am in place of 9am for groups. We want to keep the pups as cool as possible without waking up at the crack of daybreak.
  2. There may be days our substitutes will not be available and we will need to get creative or cancel for the day. If there is a cancellation on our end, you will be credited for that day's service.
  3. TUESDAY AND THURSDAY GROUP MEMBERS: This week Andi will be starting pickups at 8am rather than the usual 9am that I do. Please be advised your pup will most likely be picked up and dropped off an hour earlier than normal (like during my initial recovery.)
  4. If you require walking that is more consistent, WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE, here are some trusted referral partners for our areas:
For private walks:
  • Sue Rusnak,,
  • Stephanie Foster (one of our subs that usually does private walks on her own,)
For group hiking:
  • Marie Ngo and her team, (she admits her website needs to be updated, does not currently list all their services)

Active and Incoming Training Clients
Read Here

  • Please let me know what you have been working on lately, how your homework is coming along, and what questions you may have. I wanted to be back to four sessions a day, but it looks like I need to keep a strict cut-off of two sessions a day to keep myself from, well, getting worse! This body limitation thing is irritating AF, I tell you.
  • Also, please email me what time periods during the week between 12pm and 6pm work for you for our training sessions even if we already have something on the books. My brain has turned a bit to mush and needs a gentle reminder. If you are in my calendar, you're in. Still email me your availability for ease of communication.
  • If I need to cancel day-of due to medical reasons, you will retain the value of your session to be scheduled at a later time. Thank you for your patience.
  • If my schedule limitations are going to slow down your work with your pup too much, WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE, please contact one of our great referral partners:
For private training all ages:
Private training specializing in Puppies:
For Puppy socialization and group daycamps:
For small group classes, all ages and potentially puppies:
I am ruffled over this back thing appearing, and I have a feeling healing will be slow going due to my core muscles being deconditioned and injured from the March 30th surgery. I'm working with doctors and physical therapists to get this show on the road, as I would much rather be working and playing with everyone's puppies and dogs than laying on my side reading about training topics or getting my kicks on reddit. There's only so many episodes of New Girl and Mixedish one can watch in a day.
My one saving grace is that I used to be deep into the fitness industry, and my specialty was prehab, rehab, and low back/legs. I have a plethora of PTs and OTs to glean info from as well as what is in the PAMF system and my current personal trainers. I'll be getting on gettin', it's all dependent on how fast my bag of bones will heal.
I hope that I will get back to normal, whatever that ends up being, by June; thank you for your support and enjoyment of Good Sit and our whole team.

Have a great week!
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