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This week's news: new and old friends join

We are back to normal as normal as walking a bunch of dogs can be! Timing is everything, and last week was a good one. Let's take a look.

In this week's email you will find:
  • our new and old friends
  • health reminder for vaccinations and more
  • our doggy updates
We are looking for a few good walkers to join us! Please share the in your social media if you get a moment. The Facebook post for easy facebook sharing is located here. Or if you prefer to directly link to our website, this is our application link on Good Sit.

Visitors in our midst

This past week the famous Luke the I Love You Dog passed his compatibility test and joined us on Thursday. He will be with us this coming week, then he's on vacation for a month before he joins us for the Spring!
Shasta spaniel, normally a private walker, got to join us on Wednesday's group two due to my timing being off. (cue the Postal Service and my ability to turn off alarms in my sleep.) Shasta has met a few of our pups over the last year and she slipped right into the mix.
Enjoy the extra smiles!

Dun dun dunnnnn. Official health stuff!

This section is exactly the same as last week. Vaccinations, parasite preventatives, and our emergency cards. This section is a reminder to get your rabies vaccination information to

1. Vaccinations: Every licensed dog is required to have a rabies vaccination in the county of Santa Clara, which everyone lives within. Good Sit requires a rabies vaccination, which we have been going on faith so far. Please make sure your rabies vaccination is up to date as we will be requiring proof of rabies vaccinations on March 18th. If or when your dog is up to date, please send proof of vaccination (electronic receipt or licensing works well) to
2. Parasite Preventatives: Please make sure your best buddy is getting their flea and tick preventative each month. Having recently had a few flea bites myself from who may not have had their preventative lately has brought me to write about it. Even though it's cold outside and bugs are down, fleas and ticks are still very much a thing, as is heartworm. I have had to help care for heartworm positive dogs in the past, and I hope none of ours get it as it is a long road to recovery or, forgive the phrase, short road to the rainbow bridge.

Please note: some preventatives only cover one or two parasites; the other(s) may not be included. Check your labels and with your vets about what works best for your active, outdoorsy animal.

3. Emergency cards: we will start to carry ID cards for all our dogs on group in our vehicles. These full-page cards will be utilized by emergency personnel or veterinary staff in case your dog's handler is incapacitated at the time of need. Here's an example card from another professional:

I will keep you posted on what information I will need from you once I get my drafts done!


Thanks, Vince!

Vince walked with us this past Monday! Our reduced pack got a stroll in the northern section of the Baylands with us on Martin Luther King Day.

Weekly notes!

  • Shasta was VERY confused why there were seven dogs with her instead of the usual one or two. She quickly figured out who found the best sniffs and paired up alongside them.
  • Luke was overjoyed to see his friend Mindy and enjoyed pets from all the humans at the park.
  • Rita has figured out how to take off her muzzle. Too smart, that dog.
  • Yoda sang for us in the car.
  • Diya discovered that sitting right in front of the other dogs during photos guarantees treat delivery.
  • Kara has gotten some time in the parks herself, and she is confused why she isn't getting treats every second we are in there.
  • Bianca takes her role as chief poop inspector very seriously. She is sure to be on the scene for each movement.
  • Davis has been playing more and more with dogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the park! His play style is developing into a mirrored hopping.
  • Rascal got many compliments from strangers on leash and off. He didn't mind.
  • Cider showed off her ability to jump in and out of the backhatch every time the door was open, so she now gets navigator privileges.
  • Dash feels that rain jackets are not his thing, but he doesn't mind having them on.
  • Bodhi has a very classy way of instigating play with dogs while off leash. Take a look at this video of Bodhi's circle hop and butt bump at the link.
  • Bacon gave his best howl on Friday when we tried for a group awoo. Alas, only Bacon was into it.
  • Luna wanted to know why she had to share her comfy pillow in the back. She relented easily with a treat.
  • Peanut's mood has been rather boat anchory, but then wants help getting back into the comfy car.
  • Pepe has been on vacation with his cousins!
  • Mindy made sure to make it to each hike by giving me the look each morning despite her not wanting to be there while she's there.

Have a great week!
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