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This week's news: yes, the invoices are coming

Holy crap, look at this thing! It's so smooth. There's photos IN the email. The text isn't microscopic.

In this week's email you will find:
  • billing for next session update
  • muzzle update
  • reminder about the week of Christmas
  • weekly notes on each pup

Steph will be doing the billing this week

Thank you everyone for submitting your schedule for the incoming session. I done messed up and did not finish the billing this weekend; it will be my Monday and Tuesday project.


thank you for your patience!


Muzzle training update

So far so good! Apparently when you not only attend a workshop but follow the directions a seasoned professional with a bunch of letters after his name, you get good results! Woohoo. Week one is complete, and I'm working on modifications of the muzzles themselves to make them more comfortable for our pups.

If you are interested in muzzle training your own dog, please let me know and we can do it together. My plan is to eventually get a custom muzzle for Min from Bumas. They are recommended by instructors involved in The Muzzle Up Project, an organization that advocates for safe handling and teaching practices for dogs who need a little extra help.

And now for the best part of our emails: the weekly notes

  • Kara wanted to know why I skimped on the treats.
  • Cider had a boo-boo, and she didn't even notice it!
  • Bacon got a taste of the TR action and brought his magic to the mini-pack and the park.
  • Peanut did his ear flip, checked for squirrels, while feeling good as helll-elll.
  • Rita got to chew on sticks and hunt for squirrels.
  • Bodhi cheesed hard every day.
  • Davis was more tentative this past week with other dogs; I'm guessing because every single dog walker in the parks were cooing over him. He was busy with his adoring fans!
  • Pepe impressed everyone with his insanely speedy sprints.
  • Diya also got a piece of the TR action and enjoyed taking turns chasing and being being chased.
  • Frankie alerted all who got near us that she meant business!
  • Luna maintained her strong caboose position to watch over our pack.
  • Rascal got some private time while he recovered from a minor illness. He is back in action this week!
  • Yoda worried about Professorville near Stanford campus. Perhaps the ghosts of Finals gone by?
  • Bianca was placed in the backhatch at one point, and she was so mad that she had to share space with the peons that she found a place to hide and watch me drive while giving me the stinkeye.
  • Dash would very much like for the squirrels to wait just a liiiittle bit longer before they run away.
  • Mindy got the week off of hikes and we are now 7 days since our last escape.
Are you ready for the upcoming break? I'm not! So many dogs to help, so little time!

Have a good week!
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