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Skull-Face and Friends

Although an attempt was made not to do so, this newsletter again features a lot of weird fiction.  The next issue will be more of a mixed bag, but for now we have so many of these rare and phantasmagorical items in the shop that it seems a pity not to show them off.

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Skull-Face And Others

Robert E Howard
The 1946 Arkham House first edition wth stunning Hannes Bok artwork. The four-colour dust jacket was the second issued by the publisher.  The first, of course, was Hodgson's House on the Borderland earlier that year and was also by the bizarrely talented Bok.  A beautiful copy with only marginal bumping to the spine ends. However, previous owner Ned Reece has rubber stamped his name twice, on the inside cover and the ffep.  Clearly he did not want to lose this book, and who can blame him?  It contains 24 stories by Howard, plus memorial pieces by H.P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price.  Among the characters who cram the book's 476 pages are Conan, King Kull, Bran Mak Morn and Solomon Kane.  Now that's grand company.  For comprehensive details about the book and the jacket, please contact us.  $700.00.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

Deliver Me From Eva
Paul Bailey

Such a great title, and also a scarce and desirable gem. A young man marries a woman he barely knows.  Then he goes home with her to meet her parents. Mistake number two.  Published in 1946 by Murray & Gee in Hollywood, this is a lovely copy.  The book is Fine, and the Near Fine jacket has not been clipped and shows minor chipping and some rubbing to the back. Otherwise, this is a special copy of a unique horror novel.  If this book interests you, please note that we deliver.  $200.00.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

Out of the Dark
Volume One: Origins

Robert W. Chambers

Legendary for his remarkable and bizarre The King in Yellow (published by F. Tennyson Neely in 1895 and which we also have in stock) Robert W. Chambers holds a secure place in the history of weird fiction.  This collection was published in a limited edition of 500 copies in 1998 by Vancouver's Ash-Tree Press.  It's a lovely copy comprising nine stories originally published between 1894 and 1897. Like all great weird fiction, it could have been written yesterday.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

Malleus Maleficarum
Translated by Rev. Montague Summers

The First English translation, from 1928, of the notorious Witch Hunter's Handbook, written by Dominican Inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Joachim Sprenger, and originally published in 1487.  This is number 102 of a limited edition of 1275 hand-numbered copies.  It is in Fine condition, with no evidence of damage wrought by rack or heretic's fork.  The uncommon dust jacket is lovely also, and has benefitted from some unusually fine repair work.  Despite the appalling use to which it was put in the past, this is a beautiful and desirable volume. $2000.00.  

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

The Sea Priestess
Dion Fortune (pseudonym of Violet Mary Firth)

This is a First Edition of the final occult novel to be published in the author's lifetime. This self-published work (1938) is a very highly regarded tale of reincarnation and Ancient Egyptian magic.  A Near Fine copy in the scarce and highly fragile dust jacket. 
As the author explains on the cover, the book concerns the theme that, "All women are Isis, and Isis is all women".  That thought would drive the current members of ISIS absolutely nuts.  Wait a minute...maybe it's already happened.  $1000.00

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

Figures in a Landscape
Barry England

A group of men, presumably captured soldiers, are being marched through a wasteland by their enemies. Two of the prisoners escape and are pursued relentlessly by unseen men in a helicopter.  That's the first few pages.  Then it gets wild. A great nihilistic novel by playwright England. Stunning cover art with the insect-like chopper, a predatory presence throughout the book. A lovely copy in a mildly flawed jacket. You can see one small nick at the top of the front cover.  Grim, exciting, prescient. Rather like the bastard child of Ian Fleming and Samuel Beckett.  $100.00.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

The Lord Won't Mind
Gordon Merrick

A tad too late for last week's Pride celebrations here in town, but this is a stunning copy of the first overtly gay-themed novel to be released by a major American publisher: in this case Bernard Geis, in 1970.  It was a huge bestseller in paperback with a much less subtle cover design.
This copy is a gem, Fine in an equally Fine jacket that has been clipped but is otherwise pristine.  An important work in the history of the Gay movement and scarce in such marvellous shape.  $350.00.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

The Machine in Ward Eleven
Charles Willeford

Best known as a writer of hard-edged novels in the 60s and 70s (Cockfighter, Pick-Up, The Woman Chaser, etc) Willeford also wrote occasional weird fiction. This scarce volume contains six such stories, including the remarkable title story originally published in Playboy. This is the Consul Books first British edition from 1963, a paperback original. The previously published American first, by Belmont, was also a paperback original. Hard to find at all and seldom seen in such lovely shape, Near Fine with great cover art.  Willeford said about this, "I had a hunch that madness was...a normal condition for Americans living in the second half of this century. The publication of The Machine in Ward Eleven (1963) and its reception by readers confirmed what I had only heretofore suspected."  Indeed, you'd have to be mad not to buy this.  $75.00.

To learn more about this book, or to buy it, click here.

Dr Terror's House of Horrors
John Burke

From the screenplay by
Milton Subotsky

Pristine First Edition of this paperback original from Pan, based on the 1965 Amicus horror film. Five men get onto a train and find a really weird dude in their compartment. I don't know about you, but if I got onto a train and Peter Cushing was sitting there wanting to read my future, I'd move.  Not these gents (among them the late Christopher Lee and a very young Donald Sutherland) and thereby hangs a tale - or five of them.  This was the first in the series of Amicus anthology horror flicks that included Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, etc.  All good fun and the book, though not great literature, is uncommon and in beautiful shape.  $40.00
This One's Trouble
Peter Sellers

Then, of course, there's this book.  There are lots of copies available and all of them are Fine.  $15.00.

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