INJAZ Lebanon Newsletter - December 2014
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Best Student Company award 2014 goes to Fina!

INJAZ Lebanon held its annual Young Entrepreneurs Competition (YEC) on August 30th, 2014 at the Lebanese American University of Beirut. This event was held under the patronage of Banque Du Liban, and with the support of Creditbank S.A.L., event Gold sponsor, Citibank, Program sponsor for 2014 and the Lebanese American University of Beirut, event host. Read more

INJAZ Lebanon particiated in BDL Accelerate 2014 conference

INJAZ Lebanon was invited by Banque du Liban to participate as an Ecosystem Partner at Lebanon's 1st International Startup Conference, "Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014", which took place on November 20th and 21st at Forum de Beyrouth, Beirut, Lebanon.

Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014 brought together over 50 startup industry veterans from around the world to put together Blueprints for Success for over 1,000 attending stakeholders of the global startup ecosystem. Big thanks to everyone who visited our stand and to those who applied to become our next INJAZ Lebanon volunteers!

Meeting with Debbas Lighting Consultant

Mr. Majdi Najjar, Lighting Consultant from Debbas, visited INJAZ Lebanon’s office and shared his advices and knowledge with Lynxpiration members (Students Company) regarding the basics of Led lighting for their product “LUMINOS”.

Debbas-Lighting-consultant-Majdi-NajjarThe meeting was very helpful said Emily Tamo, CEO of Lynxpiration who was very enthusiastic about what the team has learned “We were very inspired by Mr. Majdi Najjar’s experience and educational path that made him reach his position today. We learned a lot about Led lighting functionalities and discovered how eco-friendly they are.” 


INJAZ-Lebanon-S4L-project-European-UnionINJAZ Lebanon is a co-partner with United Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) on the Skills4Life project funded by the European Union (EU) through the Welfare Association. Skills4Life is a two years project that provides over 1,000 young Palestinian refugees students aged 8 to 18 with an integrated program of extra curricular, learning-support and employability-boosting activities. The main project objective is to empower these youth at risk of school drop-out with the skills and confidence to continue their studies and increase their employability.
INJAZ Lebanon completed the project’s first phase between March and June, 2014 and launched the second phase in October 2014. 
Read more

Developing Children Financial Literacy in partnership with HSBC

INJAZ Lebanon is proud to launch its More Than Money Program for the 2014-15 academic year thanks to the financial support of HSBC Holding plc (HSBC) and in collaboration with HSBC Lebanon. Twelve corporate volunteers from HSBC Lebanon office together with volunteers from Aramex and individual volunteers from Tripoli will be delivering the program to 300 children aged 11-13 during November and December. A special thanks to HSBC's CEO Mr. Peter Yeates for his valuable time participating in our volunteers training sessions and classes!
More than Money program aims to encourage Students to use innovative thinking to learn money-management skills as they explore their career aspiration, in addition to teaching them about earning, spending, sharing, saving money and business they can start or jobs they can perform to earn money, using fun and intellectual games. 

Ripples of Happiness is now on track!

INJAZ Lebanon - Ripples of Happiness - Coca Cola Foundation

Seven students teams have been established this fall part of the "Ripples of Happiness" 2014 program, sponsored by the Coca Cola Foundation. This six weeks program includes innovative exercises designed to help students explore their roles within their communities and expand it to make a positive impact on that very society. Each team will analyze needs in its community and plan and organize a financially viable and socially responsible project. In the process, students develop a range of important skills such as planning, problem solving, creativity, marketing, and public relations. Read more

Company Program in Partnership with MetLife Alico

INJAZ Lebanon is proud to launch its new partnership with MetLife Alico, sponsor of Company Program for the 2014-2015 Academic year as a part of their MetLife Life Changer program. Through the JA Company Program, youth experience the unique opportunity to establish and run a small business with the support of a professional mentor. Students learn to cooperate, imagine, work hard, and successfully implement every crucial step to forming and running a small company.
This academic year ten students companies will be established with the support of 20 corporate volunteers. Stay tuned with us for more information about program updates and participating schools.

44 Children participated in the It's My Business Program sponsored by Master Card during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

INJAZ Lebanon - Master Card - It's My BusinessAs part of its commitment to promoting entrepreneurship among children and youth, INJAZ Lebanon delivered a series of It’s my Business classes during the Global Entrepreneurship week reaching out to 44 students from Takmilit Ashrafiyeh School.
This couldn’t have been done without the help of our volunteers: Ms. Camelia Baho - from Aramex, Ms. Rana Chehab - Dietician, Private clinic and researcher at AUB and Mr. Emile Atallah - AUB Chemical Engineer Student
“And what is interesting was how to engage them in the exercises, group works and discussions and effectively apply these concepts in their own way and within their capacities. Trust me, I got surprised by many ideas and dreams that sounded like some promising entrepreneurial projects and initiatives.” Ms. Camelia Baho, Customer Relationship Manager at Aramex

Our 2014's Annual Retreat!

INJAZ LebanonINJAZ Lebanon held its two-days annual retreat on the 4th and 5th of November in Broumana. The retreat was moderated by MP Joseph Maalouf and Ms. Djina Barakat from Beyond Consulting Firm, who promoted a range of interactive communication and presentation skills to the team through numerous exercises and challenging games.

We have relocated...

After 3 years in Horsh-Tabet, we have relocated to Dekwaneh. Our new address is Dekwaneh, Antoine Chakhtoura Avenue, Pearl building, 1st floor.
Phone number: +961 1 493 740/1.
We look forward welcoming you in our new offices. Feel free to drop us a visit!

INJAZ new team members

Join us in welcoming our 2 new members at INJAZ Lebanon:
- Naji Khater, Programs Coordinator
- Nicole Kazan, Marketing & Communications Specialist
T: +961 1 493 740/1/2
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