INJAZ Lebanon - Newsletter | July 2016
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  Our new website is live! Check it out...


We are pleased to announce the release of INJAZ Lebanon’s new website. Our goal is to offer a user-friendly experience to our visitors, with a fresh design and a new look.

Get online to view our vision mission, our programs, and the different ways you can get involved with us as partners, volunteers and alumni. More updates will be added gradually. We hope you will enjoy our new site at


  Why not become an INJAZ Superhero?


Every INJAZ volunteer becomes more than just a role model in the eyes of the students they mentor. They become a superhero! It is within this light that INJAZ Lebanon participated in the regional INJAZ SuperHero volunteer recruiting campaign in partnership with Citi and Citibank Lebanon.


  The last mile...

Company Program, sponsored by Asfari Foundation

We have reached the last stretch of INJAZ’ Company Program! Participating teams are now in the production and selling phases, getting ready to compete on the big day of the Young Entrepreneurs Competition on October 1st at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

Each team will showcase its business model to a panel of judges and compete on two different tracks (high-school and university) for four coveted awards including Best Company of the Year, Best Marketing Plan, Most Innovative Product, and Best Social Impact. Prior to the competition, all the teams will attend a training on presentation skills in partnership with the AUB Toastmasters Club.

This program did not only teach us about business and entrepreneurship, it also taught us how to fully form an entire company from scratch, and how to maintain the stability and the success of this company. The thing I like the most about this program is that it wasn't just workshops and visual lessons, it made us get out of our educational bubble and explore the business world, just like any entrepreneur seeking to form a real-life company. The INJAZ entrepreneurship program is a part of my life that I will never forget."  Khaled Khazaal, INJAZ student, Azm School, Tripoli.

  This is not Goodbye, just an “Au Revoir”

Innovation Camp, sponsored by Citi Foundation

During the period of April-June 2016, the last four Innovation Camps (ICAMPs) for this academic year were organized in partnership with Antami Organization, Shouf Entrepreneur, Ahliah School, and Citibank Lebanon, who provided the volunteers to mentor the teams and developed the mentioned business challenges.

At the end of this academic year, we would like to thank Citi Foundation and Citibank Lebanon for their outstanding support throughout, that allowed us to deliver eight successful Innovation Camps and reach a total of 395 university and high-school students. We look forward and are very grateful for our renewed collaboration next year.

1- Antami Organization: formulating an idea that helps young people save time and focus on their priorities.
2- Shouf Entrepreneur: building a business model that enhances the local job market and generates revenues to the rural economies.
3- Ahliah School: devising a plan that will attract more international students to join Ahliah’s school community.
4- Citibank Lebanon in collaboration with American University of Science and Technology (AUST): creating a product or a service for Citibank to seamlessly integrate technology into its business operations.

Knowledge is everything in life, whether with INJAZ or any other organization or CSRinitiative, the most important thing is seeing the reaction on the faces of the young learners grasping all the information provided. The level of interaction is priceless since students have the pleasure to share their thoughts on matters not related to their school curriculum. (...) These types of programs are essential for students in High Schools and they are the key for their transition to the outside world. The notions and terms explained during the class will be embedded in their minds. (...)"
Georges Adaimy, Talent Development Officer, Fattal Group, INJAZ Volunteer
 Our Partners... Thank you!