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Decon & Reuse 18  -  Agenda is Online     
We know it can be so hard to get away from work for a conference.  How can you take the time when there is so much to do?   

Well, it's precisely because you work so hard that you need to come to Decon + Reuse '18.  The more we learn from each other, the easier our work becomes! 

There will always be more materials to salvage, more trainees to manage, more customers to serve, more projects to design, or more research to complete... but our conference only comes once a year, and it's an invaluable chance to learn from your peers in the reuse field.

The agenda is now online, so go check out all the great topics!
  • 2 great Keynote speakers,
  • 27 amazing presenters,
  • 2 evenings dedicated to networking [and some of the country’s best craft beer of course]
We’ll also have a tour of the exciting new work that the city of Grand Rapids is doing to advance their impressive goals for waste diversion.  You can even learn about how some of the most recent work in Circular Economy, Sustainable Materials Managment, Designing for Deconstruction is integrating with our industry! 

And if all that is not enough, we are partnering with ArtPrize and sponsoring a Reuse prize. All are invited to join in on the Reuse ArtPrize scavenger hunt to discover and vote on over 80 reuse art pieces.

"I'll never forget a moment at the first Decon + Reuse I attended. Someone said, 'hollow core doors,' and everyone in the room groaned.  I realized they were all speaking my language, and facing the same challenges I was facing.  I've come to more conferences since then, and I always learn so muchNot only is the networking useful, but I come home with strategies for making our business more efficient, and fresh ideas for attracting customers". - Ruthie Mundell, Outreach Director at a DC area reuse center.         

BMRA Industry Survey

The Deadline is approaching! 
August 24th is the last chance to help inform our industry about who we are. Please submit! 

Btw, we have found that average time to fill it out is only 5 minutes!

We have also got some feedback that a couple questions were tripping folks up, so if you walked away, or didn't finish it, please check it out again! 

Help us find out:
  • How many deconstructors are there in the US?
  • How many reuse orgs and businesses are there?
  • How much material are we all diverting?
  • What is the economic impact our our work?
  • How many folks do we employ? 
  • and how many of those folks come to our industry through workforce employment opportunities?

Thanks for helping our industry get to know itself!   And please, repost and pass this on to whoever you can.

(By the way, we'd love to include YOUR voice in future issues of this BMRA newsletter.  Let us know if you have ideas for topics, or if you'd like to contribute an article!)

Member Spotlight

by Shannon Goodman -- Lifecycle Building Center, Atlanta

As unprecedented development and economic growth has occurred in Atlanta, Georgia over the past two decades, the city has been working to scale up its sustainability infrastructure to minimize negative effects on the environment and impacted communities.  Part of this strategy has involved a stronger commitment to C&D waste diversion and support for organizations like Lifecycle Building Center (LBC), a building material reuse nonprofit founded in 2011. 

Operating from a 70,000 square-foot, 100-year-old warehouse in Southwest Atlanta, LBC has become an important resource for homeowners, remodelers, builders and nonprofits, with 4 million pounds of material diverted from landfills and $2.5 million in material savings directed back into the community. 155 nonprofits, schools, churches and community groups have benefitted from in-kind material grants through LBC’s Nonprofit Material MATCH Program.  LBC’s many partners have made this impact possible, including general contractors, developers, local universities and community leaders.  LBC has partnered with the City of Atlanta on numerous deconstruction projects and is now helping build community garden infrastructure with reclaimed materials through the City’s AgLanta program.

The advent of the Atlanta BeltLine and the anticipation of significant development in Southwest Atlanta has brought both opportunities and challenges for residents and organizations in the area.  Having purchased their facility in 2016, LBC has since launched a capital campaign in order to execute major renovations.  As these changes come, LBC will continue to bring together those who generate and those who repurpose salvaged building materials with the aim of helping the surrounding community to become more economically and environmentally resilient.


Buzz-saw: news in [or around] our industry...

New building blocks made from drywall
As most of us know, there are a lot of hard to reuse/recycle items coming out of a building demolition (or even a deconstruction).  Now there's a new building material that's made from drywall.  Check out this article in Construction and Demolition Recycling.

Retailer Target increases recycling goal
How often do companies or governments exceed their environmental goals?  Mainstream retailer Target just did.  Find out how they are pushing the envelope on recycling here.

Getting environmental activists to row in the same direction
Sometimes people who are on the same team can sabotage team goals by trying to defeat the ideas of other team members.  Work to benefit the environment suffers from this same issue.  Wired just put out an interesting thought piece on how environmental activists can focus on common ground to make important progress.

Want to support a new deconstruction tool?
Check out this campaign on IndieGoGo for a new nail and staple removing tool.  You can not only learn about it but support it directly if you think it's a good idea. What's more, you can support the BMRA while you're at it.

Webinar on Sustainable Materials Management on August 23
Our own Joe Connell will be a speaker along with Kathrina Simonen of the Carbon Leadership Forum and Dr. Suzanne Boxman of the U.S. EPA at this presentation on the importance of reuse in addressing some of our planet's most pressing challenges.
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