"Empowering communities to turn construction and demolition waste into local resources."  


Greetings Reuse Advocates

What an incredible year!!

Having served the building material reuse industry for over 25 years, together we proved in 2019 that our organization still has tremendous capacity to continue evolving and growing our impact. 

In 2020, we will focus on creating more value for our members and our reuse community. Toward that end, our goal between now and January 31st is to raise $5,000.  This money will help us collect data and create industry infographics that can be used by our members to show the impact of reuse. 

Join us or continue your support by sharing our fundraiser through social media, email and word of mouth.  Be sure to follow our campaign to get updates on our goal and thanks in advance for all you do to support Deconstruction and Reuse

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In case you missed our conference...

Here are some comments from attendees! 


What did you like best about Decon & Reuse 2019?

    "The diversity of the people and organizations"
    "Connecting with so many bright, driven, like-minded individuals."
    "The attendees!"
    "The VENUE!!! It was amazing, best place I've ever been to a conference. There were some very good talks."

"the keynote by the architect from the Netherlands. Like the talks I saw related to policy."

"the talk about Doors Unhinged. Really enjoyed seeing Project RE:___ and hearing about their approach to using salvaged materials.

"As with all the conferences, great to talk with others doing this work."

    "The keynote speakers, meeting people, and the sessions on how to build markets and stories and data on benefits such as green jobs."
    "The sessions on the topic I wanted to learn about, and meeting other people involved."
    "I like that it brought people in a lot of different professions together over a shared issue - it's a real way to build community."
    "great speakers, so many experienced people to talk to"
    "Opportunities to speak with and listen to others. The venue was great!"

Fun Conference photos

The beautiful Phipps Arboretum, our home for 3 days

Volunteer of the Year - Stan Seals!

One of our amazing breakout halls at Phipps

Special thank you award to outgoing Executive Director - Joe Connell

Some awesome Reuse artwork at Construction Junction


And please do check out the presentations here...

(by the way, we heard your comments and agree that we could have been better organized, we'll definitely work on that for next year!  Thanks for the feedback.)


Buzz Saw: Reuse and Decon news and stories from around the country. 

"Walkabout: Building the case for deconstruction" check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on deconstruction, Construction Junction, and Build Reuse's 2019 conference. Hear from our own Mike Gable and Joe Connell...

photo courtesy of CJ

USGBC releases new brief on city deconstruction, salvage and reuse policies
No news to us of course but they are saying that "Deconstruction is an innovative process that can salvage waste from demolition." Read the full article here and take a look at the brief below. So great to see USGBC embracing decon! 

"A new brief now available from the USGBC Advocacy and Policy team, "From Demolition to Deconstruction: City Salvage and Reuse Policies," outlines important considerations for policymakers thinking about a deconstruction policy."

Demolished, abandoned buildings repurposed through program helping struggling communities
Another great example of how deconstruction and reuse is making the news, here is a TV news spot on decon in Baltimore, including our very own Max Pollack from Brick and Board. Check it out here


"There is ingenuity in Africa': the architect who builds with trash." Check out this article in the Guardian about a "Kenya-born architect and social entrepreneur collects recycled and discarded materials from informal recyclers and local businesses, and uses it to construct his buildings" 

"The case for ... never demolishing another building". By Oliver Wainwright. Another great article in The Guardian.
The wrecking ball has always been the great symbol of urban progress, going hand in hand with dynamite and dust clouds as the politicians’ favourite way of showing they are getting things done. But what if we stopping knocking things down? What if every existing building had to be preserved, adapted and reused, and new buildings could only use what materials were already available? Could we continue to make and remake our cities out of what is already there? Read on...

Photograph: Omar Marques/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media

Our Vision

To transform our communities by creating a building industry in which used and excess materials become an asset to our communities and waste is no longer acceptable

Mission Statement

Empowering communities to turn construction and demolition waste into local resources

Our Core Principles

The members and supporters of Build Reuse believe:

1. The present linear economic model relying on consumption of “new” products and materials is unsustainable.
2. The Reuse of building materials needs to be recognized as a key component of sustainability goals
3. Reuse recognizes and prioritizes existing community value.
4. Reuse is most impactful when implemented locally

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