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We've just launched a Fundly campaign to help with all aspects of the Build Reuse Organization.  You can help us out with your support and also by sharing our fundraiser through social media.  Be sure to follow our campaign to get updates on our goal and thanks in advance for all you do to support Deconstruction and Reuse!

Thanks to all of you that have donated we are over 10% of our goal. We hit 3,000 this morning so 2 more zeros and we will meet our target :)

The photo here is from our friends at Old Windows Workshop. OWW is a great example of how reuse can be a powerful way to lift up our communities, save materials and change lives! Help us spread the word and increase our ability to help other communities!

"Old Window Workshop Cooperative (OWWC), is a women worker-owned cooperative based in Springfield's South End. OWWC provides employment and business ownership opportunity for women struggling with poverty. Our cooperative contributes to economic empowerment for women resulting in strong families and safer communities.​"

Thanks again everyone! Joe

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Heritage and Waste – Defining a Research Agenda

Heritage and Waste – Defining a Research Agenda

Recent attention to deconstruction, salvage and reuse in historic preservation research that illuminates the relationship between heritage and waste, suggest the need for a more integrated research agenda. This includes research needed to understand and document deconstruction histories, to address barriers to salvage in conservation frameworks, and to enhance the impacts of all types of building and materials reuse. This session is intended as a check in with the “decon & reuse” sector to ensure these enquiries lead to useful answers, including relevant project and policy strategies for diverse practical contexts. It builds on the October 2018 symposium 'Heritage in Reverse: Material Values, Waste and Deconstruction' held at Carleton University in Ottawa, which included a panel of recent BMRA graduate student presenters.

Join us at DRC19 with Susan Ross, Architect (OAQ) and Associate Professor, Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)
Professor of heritage conservation at Carleton University, licensed architect in Quebec, and a ‘fellow’ of the Association for Preservation Technology. Professional experience in government, not-for-profit and private sectors as conservation and design architect. Past presentations on heritage and waste themes at conferences of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (Fredericton), the National Trust for Canada (Calgary), the Association for Critical Heritage Studies (Montreal), as well as various university departments as invited speaker. Author of “Keyword: Deconstruction Waste (Buildings),” Discard Studies, 2017.' Organizer of the Oct. 2018 symposium 'Heritage in Reverse: Material Values, Waste and Deconstruction' at Carleton University (Ottawa). Editor of the Waste Heritage Research website. Guest co-editor of a special issue on Heritage and Waste of the Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, to be published in 2019-2020.


About Face!

About Face!

We are not getting it done now - despite passion and hard work by many organizations, companies, governmental bodies and individuals who challenge the tide of waste to increase the reuse of building materials.  We are falling behind!
We need a catalyst - it is time for a thoughtful, assertive re-ordering of the way things get done.
Even with a catalyst, we cannot do it without group effort - we need to create new supply chains while embracing and merging with the entrenched.
Here's what we can do together - What people and technology did to create the wasteful ways we work now - build, use, demolish, waste.  We can with new technology create a new version of the old ways - build, use, deconstruct and reuse!

Join Larry LaMotte at DRC19 for his talk:

About Face! – How We Can Turn Around after Going The Wrong Way for 150 Years

Larry LaMotte is not the guy who knew what he wanted to be since age 7. No, he is trained as an Architect with the heart of an entrepreneur. He built his own home. He has worked since age 8: paper routes, farm work, bike taxi, singing telegrams, bouncer, waiter, carpenter, designer, consultant, mentor, facilities manager, career counselor, business owner, with a couple of self-reinventions. He plans to live to 120. ReCapturit® is the current culmination of his work.


Engaging Staff and Volunteers

Engaging Staff and Volunteers

We are always looking for ways to improve our workflows, engage staff, volunteers and ultimately provide a better environment for our customers.  We are excited to offer both a presentation and workshop on Engaging Staff and Volunteers in Improving work.  These will be lead by Biron Hurley, President of the Oregon nonprofit, Recycling Advocates.

Brion Hurley is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Business Performance Improvement in Portland, Oregon. He teaches Lean and Six Sigma classes, facilitates workshops and events, performs statistical analysis, and mentors employees through improvement efforts. He is the author of “Lean Six Sigma for Good: How improvement experts can help people in need, and help improve the environment,” and is President of the Oregon nonprofit, Recycling Advocates. 


Our Vision

To transform our communities by creating a building industry in which used and excess materials become an asset to our communities and waste is no longer acceptable

Mission Statement

Empowering communities to turn construction and demolition waste into local resources

Our Core Principles

The members and supporters of Build Reuse believe:

1. The present linear economic model relying on consumption of “new” products and materials is unsustainable.
2. The Reuse of building materials needs to be recognized as a key component of sustainability goals
3. Reuse recognizes and prioritizes existing community value.
4. Reuse is most impactful when implemented locally

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