Bi-Monthly Community Newsletter Khoyak/October Edition

Community Development 

Hotep, Peace All

The Temple of the Seven Principles would like to invite you to our first General Monthly Development Session. Since Phamenat/January this year we have conducted internal development sessions whereas only members were invited. But as we are growing we understand the importance of transparency, community involvement & interaction. During the session all will be introduced to the Temple, received updates but also have an opportunity to get involved.

So, now what?
If this newsletter has reached you in good spirits join us.
General Development Session
Khoyak 15, 6254 (2014)
743 E. 75th

Chicago Territory
6pm - 8pm

We offer a sacred space to understand and practice ancient spiritual understanding every Sunday, with Self-Awareness study, and every 1st & 3rd Monday, with Meditation.

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One United Spirit

We are all energy

Peace & Love,
Temple of the Seven Principles