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Our Story
Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI (Kiswahili for Temple of the Seven Principles) is an international, self-governing, self-supported, Universal Spiritual Temple established to acknowledge the Creator and restore the original, indigenous Peoples. Located in the Chicago Territory, we provide a sacred space to advance Ancient spiritual understanding, receive and acknowledge the Creator & become spiritually whole to transcend ones full potential on Earth.

The Temple focuses on spiritual awareness and ethical teachings. We embrace the Seven Principles of Nguzo Saba and believe that a true spiritual foundation is composed of the Seven Principles through exercises of self-awareness. Our common goal is to expound upon each ofthe Seven Principles to build strong communities.

Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI was established in Tybi (November) 12, 6252 (2012). Wegather weekly on Moon’s day (monday) for meditation & Sun’s day (Sunday) to study from Husia. Every first Sun’s day we collaborate with other Afrikan spiritual temples in the Chicago Territory. Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI is membership based and we do not recruit. Our meditaion and study is open to the public and we look forward to meeting you.

Khoyak 6254 KMT
October 1, 2014

Our Story
Temple Healing Initiatives
Ministry Projects
KMT/Indigenous Community

Temple Healing Initiatives
Self Awareness Exercises

First Sunday Spiritual Community Gathering
Join us at the I AM Institute on
Khoyak (Oct) 4, 6254/2014
Soul Vegetarian 205 E. 75th, Chicago, IL

Self-Study Sunday
We provide a sacred space to advance Ancient KMT
spiritual understanding. We utilize Selections from the Husia to introduce KMT Culture & Life. Khoyak (Oct) 11, 3pm
*Address below

We offer meditation every 1st & 3rd Monday.  Come to our 1st Monday Meditation Khoyak (Oct) 6; 6:00pm. We will not allow entry after 6:30pm.
*Address below

Visit our website for more info
Healing Ministry Project(s)
KMT/Indigenous Community
Self-Nuturing Sustainability Project
Our Self-Nurturing Sustainability project is an initiative to establish a self-supported, sustainable system of producing and sustaining healthy foods.

For information about our Self-Nuturing Project visit our blog at
and click Gardening for the Soul.
Monthly community events?

Check out

for updates on weekly events & activities in the KMT & Indigenous community.


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