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Return to the Earth

Urban Farming as a tool for spiritual healing

There's a need to connect back to the earth. In the city of Chicago there's a consistency and high frequency of food deserts, junk food jungles and very few health food places. We have the divine right to natural and healthy foods. Many have asserted their right through gardening and urban farming but using these means can be seen as criminal if done without the city's permission. According to oral and written traditions, the children of the creator (often referred to as human) have dominon over the Earth. Humans have the responsibility to heal themselves, the community, Earth & this does not require anyone elses permission.

Urban Farming
The Temple of the Seven Principles partnered with Urban Farm South Greenhouse in Chicago.  We launched our first project in May of 2014 as a Self-Nurturing Sustainability Project.

Our Self-Nurturing project is an initiative to establish a self-supported, sustainable system of producing and sustaining healthy foods. We've partnered with Urban Farm South Greenhouse to be able to learn about the fundamentals of each stage of urban farming and home gardening.  We offer weekly community urban farming safety orientations, hands-on training year around, and workshops on weeding, seeding, composting, harvesting, preservation, etc.

Return to the Earth Classess
Everything is spirit/energy & therefore makes everything interdependent and interconnected. The human body consists of 4 sets: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. In January 2015 we will be offering Urban Farming classes. The purpose of theses classes is to contribute to the body as whole through preparing for spring seeding and transformation. This is a 12-week class. Materials, supplies and seeds are included. We ask for a donation of $65. If interested send us an email at

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