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Spring Edition 6254/2015

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Divine Intervention
Heal Thyself

Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI (HYU) is organizing a healing initiative in Chicago for the Internal healing of Indigenous people of America and Afrika.

Why Healing Intiative?
The restoration of the humanity of Indigenous people of America and Africa has not been addressed. Absence of opportunity to heal allows the cycle of pathological normalcy of amnesia, apathy, alienation, anxiety,  delusion and stops our movement forward as individuals, a community and nation.
The need for restoration of our humanity, a reconnection to our original way of life and to the source of all life, is evident in our physical (destruction of self or/and Earth), mental (low self worth; lack of knowledge of self), emotional (social imbalance), and spiritual (disconnection from ancestry) self.

The body, mind & spirit can heal itself but you must provide the components for the process to work. We have been programmed to believe that we must seek an external source to heal. We must override and reprogram ourselves and utilize internal means.

We have been waiting for someone else to address our healing but we are responsible for our own healing. This initiative is contributing to the process of restoring of our humanity.

HYU invites you to be a part of the Healing Initiative. A community briefing will be held on Rekh Neds/Mar 18 (details below).  Your attendance allows us to acknowledge and honor the Afrikan and Indigenous community as we seek Spiritual Covering, support & participation.

We hope that after the presentation you would consider:
1. Supporting the initiative as partner or collaborator,
2. Become a participant in the healing initiative
3. Facilitate healing initiatives within your family/organization/institute
4. Facilitate healing initiative with HYU Community

Love, Hotep
Quafin Anoa El
Sesh of Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI

Chicago Healing Initiative
Where: Culture Connection, 400 W. 71st; Chicago, IL
When: Rekh Neds/March 18th; 6:00pm

So, now what?

Be at peace and in good spirits. Reply or/and join us at one of our upcoming events.

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Peace & Love,
Temple of the Seven Principles


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