TNLP Trust Monthly Bulletin: February 2016
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Welcome to the seventh edition of our electronic monthly news bulletin!

Despite the recent doom and gloom of January and February weather, the TNLP Trust have been busy looking on the bright side with lots of new and exciting projects and partnership work to lift our spirits. Please read on to find out more. There's never a dull moment in our Trust!

A celebration of a dynamic leader in the TNLP Trust!

Martin Fleetwood from Temple Moor High school has recently announced his retirement.  The TNLP Trust and particularly the cluster team would like to take the opportunity to celebrate and say a huge thank you to one of the founders of TNLP cluster partnership!  Martin was a dynamic leader who lead and shaped the development of our multi-agency partnership.  His vision, never ending support and commitment to the local community were just a few of the reasons that he will be missed as part of the Temple Newsam Learning Partnership.

Martin worked tirelessly across Leeds and within our community to ensure that children and families had the best chance possible to achieve their full potential.  His collaborative work and vision achieved so much including:
  • Being key to the establishment of a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team for the Trust schools
  • Ensuring that strong local partnerships were embedded
  • Successfully chairing the cluster partnership and managing the cluster leader to ensure that the team were constantly reflecting on practice and developing new projects
  • Representing and advocating for education and the cluster at children's trust board which directly impacted on practice across Leeds in children's services
  • Executive Head for one of the very first Free schools in Leeds, the Temple Learning Academy
Martin wants TNLP to look towards the future but we couldn't resist looking back on the nine years that he has driven our partnership to be outstanding and a beacon of good practice! 

A fond fair well Martin, we will miss you!

The TNLP Trust is supporting Leeds City Council's 1 Piece of Rubbish campaign as it has recently been identified as a particular issue in our area.
  • About 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped on the streets of the UK every day
  • Thirty million tons of rubbish is collected from England’s streets each year
  • The Highways Agency clears about 180,000 sacks of litter from motorways and A roads alone
  • There could be 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the ocean. About 80% of that comes from the land
  • Plastic takes at least 450 years to break down in seawater
  • In 2013/14, local authorities dealt with 852,000 fly-tipping incidents in England and Wales. These cost roughly £45 million to clear up
  • The RSPCA receives 7,000 calls a year about animals injured by litter
  • In 2013, 8.3 billion single-use plastic bags were handed out in the UK
  • The amount of litter on UK beaches has almost doubled over the past 15 years
Its time we all worked together to do something about it! One piece of rubbish is a people’s initiative born in Leeds and made in Marseille. Founder Eddie Platt, originally from Leeds thinks that we are all capable of picking up 1 piece of rubbish per day. The idea is if you see a piece of rubbish on the street, pick it up, take a photo, throw it in the bin and then post to social media. One of the South and Outer East Locality Teams priorities is tackling littering around schools and educating school children to be more responsible for their rubbish. As part of the social contract we all need to start being more responsible for the city and communities we live in. This campaign is one way of helping to address a city-wide issue that we can help to make better.

To find out more about the campaign and to help promote it please visit the website and Twitter:
Tweet with the hashtag #1PieceOfRubbish       
Temple Learning Academy have worked in Partnership with Meadowfield Children's Centre to host a series of Stay and Play sessions for mixed aged toddlers. There has been fantastic support and parents have commented on the space available and the chance to be part of the new school as it grows. Both the academy and children's centre are hoping this is only the beginning of their partnership. With such a positive response they are already thinking of what else they could offer. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch.
We are launching the 'TNLP Trust's Pay What You Can Recycling Centre' as a new fundraising initiative. The recycling centre will be available at all of our Community Fun Days during every school holidays and will include a wide variety of school uniform, coats, PE kit as well as gift items for sale. Prices are determined by you and what you are able to pay (£1 and above). We already have a selection of items that will be sold during February half term but are on the hunt for more. If you have any old or outgrown clothes, school uniform, PE kit etc that you would rather recycle than throw away then please bring it along to our Community Fun Day on Thursday 18th February at the Temple Learning Academy between 10.00am and 12.00pm or alternatively contact Gemma on 07891 272113 or to arrange another convenient date to donate. We would really appreciate it if items could be washed first before donating and please avoid anything with stains, rips or other marks as we won't be able to offer these items for resale. Thank you in advance for supporting the TNLP Trust!
The TNLP Trust will be focusing on promoting physical and emotional health and wellbeing as this is a priority within our local community. Areas of particular focus will include:
  • Sports and physical activities
  • Dance and drama
  • Creativity and arts
  • Healthy eating and cookery including the promotion of Free School Meals
  • Oral health
  • 1:1 targeted support
  • Group work
Trust schools often host Health and Wellbeing events throughout the year. Colton Primary School have just had their Health and Wellbeing week at the end of January. They had two assemblies, one with Arla, teaching them about the importance of milk and one from the Leeds Health and Well Being team, informing them about sugars in food. The children are now wanting to make healthier choices at lunch times and are thinking carefully about what they bring in to school as a snack. The Food Ambassadors will be  campaigning about healthy options for snacks and packed lunches in the coming months. A group of year 6 children have been getting the rest of the school active by teaching them Wake Up Shake Up routines during play times and lunch times. Trust schools including Colton Primary school also take part in a variety of physical activities and sports competitions coordinated by the TNLP Trust School Sports Coordinator. Most recently Year 3 and 4 did well in athletics and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed taking part in the multi skills festival.

 We hope that offering a wide variety of opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles in and out of school time will help improve physical health, confidence and self esteem. We hope you will join us to help achieve our aim of being healthier together!

Have you downloaded the free app?
It's easier than you think to cut down sugar. Start with these simple tips:

Download the Sugar Smart app
  • Make some sugar swaps
  • Have smaller portions
  • Eat sugary food less often
  • You can find sugar smart recipes on the website
Do you know anyone who might be interested in an apprenticeship?

Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair is due to take place on Monday 14th March at First Direct Arena, Arena Way, Clay Pit Lane, LS2 8BY between 5.00 and 8.00pm. Click here to find out more.
We have two new community partners that we thought you might like to know more about! 

1) People Matters

People Matters (Leeds) CIC is a more-than-profit organisation with a commitment to improving the lives of people who experience disadvantage, especially through learning and other disabilities.   Being a social enterprise enables them to generate a surplus through the sale of goods and services, which is then entirely used to ensure continuity of the activities that are valuable to the people they support. People Matter's strive to break down barriers and social misconceptions and work alongside people with learning and other disabilities to achieve their full potential.

To find out more about People Matters visit their website and Twitter pages:

2) Sainsbury's Colton

Sainsbury's are committed to making a difference in local communities. Sainsbury's supports local charities and in particular has a focus on health, food, families and children, with a particular emphasis on healthy eating and active lifestyles.  A good example is their Active Kids scheme, where they have donated over £100 million of sports equipment, kit and coaching to UK schools, nurseries, Scout and Girl Guide groups since its launch in 2005.

Sainsbury's corporate charity partner is Comic Relief. They have already helped to raise over £30 million for the charity and are committed to supporting their activities until 2017.  Sainsbury’s is also one of the few supermarkets to regularly donate food to charitable organisations, including FareShare and the Salvation Army.

Sainsbury's stores have a local charity they support throughout the year. They also have a small budget for making donations of raffle prizes or vouchers and can sometimes help with events in store such as bag packing. The TNLP Trust will be making an application to become their next charity of the year in 2017 and you may be seeing a lot more of us in store over the coming year bag packing, fundraising and even performing! We will keep you informed of any specific dates so that you can come and support us.

The TNLP Trust is always looking to develop links with local community groups, community organisations, community representatives, community volunteers and local businesses. Community groups can also sign up as a member of the Trust. If you would like to find out more about the Trust and how we can work together for the benefit of children, young people, families and the wider community please contact Gemma Sargeant on or 07891 272113.
A full programme of activities is due to take place during February half term including:

Multi Sports
Pamper Session
Trip to The Deep
Community Fun Day
Ice Skating

We are in the process of collecting in booking forms and sending out confirmations so please bear with us. You are likely to receive confirmation within the next couple of days and certainly before the end of this week. If you do not receive confirmation before the end of the day on Wednesday 10th February then I'm afraid you don't have a place this time.

Are you aware that our TNLP Trust Membership arrangements have changed?

Since September 2015 all potential member groups that are associated with the TNLP Trust now qualify for automatic membership. This includes children and young people in Trust schools, parents and carers, staff, community partners and community volunteers including school governors. As an automatic member you will receive information about the work of the TNLP Trust via leaflets in school book bags and online via our website, Facebook and Twitter:

Children under 5 and their families will still need to sign up manually. You can also sign up manually if you would like to be a more active member to be added to regular e-mailing lists and to access our regular prize draws, newsletters and other benefits. To find out more about membership and member benefits and incentives please visit the relevant section of our website where you can also sign up as an active member online:

The TNLP Trust's exciting new parenting programme 'Parent Gym' is now being delivered in the cluster on Wednesday mornings between 9.30am to 11.30am at TNLP offices on site at the Temple Learning Academy. The seven week programme is accompanied by six exciting magazines packed with lots of tips, hints and ideas to support parents in managing children's behaviour, building care and togetherness, positive relationships and discovery of the world. If you would like more information about the programme or would like to register your interest for the next course, please feel free to contact the Debs, Bev or Kath from the Parent Support Team on 0113 3448369.
All of our TNLP Trust schools share the same Co-operative Trust ethos and values in every day school life. Meadowfield Primary for example have had a very full, busy and successful start to 2016. They have been working on the Trust values of democracy, self help and self responsibility, equality and caring for others and have been actively learning both inside of and outside of school.

Year 6 recently demonstrated self help and self responsibility in their Greek day when they dressed up, taught each other lessons and even tried some special Greek food.  (It was a bit chilly on the playground in a toga but they stuck with it)!
Year 4 explored the Amazon rainforest in class and learned all about a huge range of diverse species and the effect human life has on the rainforest through pollution and deforestation. Through this they learned how to care for others.
Year 5 put their eggciting and eggxotic investigation skills to the test demonstrating democracy and equality as they worked in teams.  The idea was for our site superintendent to throw their poor and defenceless eggs off the school roof.  The only thing that could save them from a certain scramble was the team effort of using air resistance to create parachutes. We pitied the poor eggs with small parachutes – SPLAT!
Year 3 created robots as they are learning about the Iron Man.  They are developing skills of democracy and self help with the designing, improving, making and evaluating of their robots.  They have demonstrated amazing resourcefulness!
Meadowfield also works closely with parents and carers.  The Oasis pastoral team do an amazing job. You can see Mrs Haywood below working with a group of parents and carers on a YMCA joint led programme designed to ensure that all children are ‘school ready’.  We think the adults are having more fun here than the children did!
Year 5 were taught about a baptism during a trip to Leeds Minster. They later described this trip as 'awesome’.  They are actively learning about diversity and caring for others.  Their behaviour on the trip was impeccable.
 Fantastic work similar to this at Meadowfield also takes place in all of our schools across the Trust. What a fantastic community to go to school in!



We still have spaces available for our AQA accredited 'Introduction to Volunteering' course! 

As part of The TNLP Trust's volunteer programme which is lead by the Cluster Team we are offering a FREE AQA accredited 'Introduction to Volunteering' course. The course is being delivered by the YMCA and will take place at the TNLP Trust offices on site at the Temple Learning Academy during February Half Term. This course is available to anyone interested in working or volunteering with children, young people and families. Current volunteers more than welcome too! To find out more please click here to view the publicity. 

If you are interested in registering your interest in volunteering for the TNLP Trust and/ or this course please contact Gemma Sargeant on or 07891 272113.

On 21st January our TNLP Trust Choir took part in the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. Young Voices is an annual event that sees over 100,000 children from across the UK taking part in a series of live concerts. Schools across the county practise a collection of songs to prepare themselves to take part in these massive concerts. With a full live band, backing singers and the internationally acclaimed conductor David Lawrence, it makes for an exciting and memorable musical experience.

The TNLP Trust 50 strong choir, made up of pupils from across our Trust Primary schools performed to an audience of parents and carers alongside over 4000 children from schools across Yorkshire.

Well done to everyone who took part, and a big thank you to Temple Newsam Halton Primary school for organising and funding the event. What a fabulous experience for everyone involved!

Member Voice and Influence

It is really important to us at the TNLP Trust to regularly consult with all of our member groups to ensure that priorities and action plans are informed by suggestions and comments made by YOU! The TNLP Trust and Trust School Councils enable children and young people to regularly have their say and influence what is important to them in school and within the local community.

New representatives have been elected to represent their schools at the TNLP Trust School Council. All seven primary schools and Temple Moor High School meet regularly and discuss items such as:

  • What local funding should be used for
  • What services or activities are missing from the area
  • What changes need to take place in schools
  • What changes need to take place within the local community
  • What the TNLP Trust needs to improve on

School Councils and Junior Leadership Teams exist in all Trust schools and make a huge impact on behalf of their peers. Pupils from Templenewsam Halton Primary School recently visited Parliament to meet our MP, Richard Bergen.  They took with them a very creditable discussion paper about the state of traffic around our school which was presented to him.  We hope that this might help us to make our children safer at the start and end of the school day.  Our children were amazing; from Year One to Year Six there was an amazing enthusiasm to learn all that they could about how Government performs exactly the same role as them in representing the views of their class mates.  A swift Tube and walk to Buckingham Palace, the chance to see the Changing of the Guards and being let into Downing Street to have pics in front of Number 10 was also arranged, although they didn’t get to see David Cameron they did meet his cat! Staff, and members of the public, commended our children for their keen interest and brilliant behaviour.  Mr Bergen has written back to all of the children pledging his support with traffic issues and the latest update from Highways is that a survey will be sent out to local residents about proposed changes to roads around school in the very near future; another fine example of pupil voice! Watch this space!

Our next newsletter is due in March 2016. If you would like to include an article in our next edition please contact Gemma on A short paragraph sent via email along with an accompanying photograph saved as a j.peg would be ideal! We look forward to hearing from you!
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