TNLP Trust Monthly Bulletin: August 2016
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Welcome to the 13th edition of our electronic monthly news bulletin!

End of Term TNLP Chair's Report and End of Summer Celebration 2016

At the end of each academic year we produce reports to review the work of the TNLP Trust and developments and achievements to date. The reports detail our achievements in all areas of TNLP Trust work including:
  • Membership, Member Voice and Member Benefits
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Community and Family Services
  • Partnerships
  • Business Development
In addition to this:
The major milestone achieved by the TNLP Trust in the last year was the opening of the Temple Learning Academy. The Academy opened on 1st September 2015 in Halton Moor. This first phase of development included an intake of two reception classes of 50 pupils in total. During the year building work began on the site to transform the former East Leeds Leisure Centre site to be an all through school of 1,020 pupils aged 4 to 16 when fully established. This opportunity emphasises the importance of the TNLP Trust in ensuring we are able to shape the future of the Trust and continue to make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and families within the local community. 
One of the founding members and key leaders of the TNLP Trust, Martin Fleetwood, has also retired this year. Martin worked tirelessly on behalf of children, young people and families in our community. During his time as Head teacher at Temple Moor the TNLP Trust became recognised for its exemplary practices across the City and further afield. The support that the children and parents of our community can access for learning, emotional and behavioural support and the activities provided during holidays have been developed in line with Martin’s original vision for what a group of schools can do when they work together. Martin also worked closely with Leeds City Council to ensure that funding was directed to where it was most needed, being particularly supportive of the good work that our children’s centres provide. He was also instrumental in the bid to open the Temple Learning Academy. Martin will certainly be missed by our community and we wish him well in his retirement.
Membership and Communications

The constant key principle the TNLP Trust operates within is to enable all children, young people, parents, carers, staff and community organisations to contribute more actively to the life and work of their schools by becoming members of the Trust and influencing the work of the Trust via regular consultation and member voice opportunities.
During the last year Membership and Communications developments have been as follows: 

Communications and Marketing
  • A new Trust website has been developed and built by Jonny Ross Consultancy in liaison with the Cluster Manager and new functionality improvements added.
  • Facebook likes have increased from 196 to 345 over the year. Posts are made at least daily and often several times per day.
  • Twitter followers have also increased from 280 to 476 within the same period. Tweets are made at least daily and often several times per day.
  • Monthly newsletters are produced and circulated electronically.
  • New communications developments have ensured that member groups are given access to the most up to date, relevant and regular Trust news and updates now on a daily basis rather than termly.
  • Membership Champions were recruited to help raise the profile of the Trust, be a main point of contact for any Trust related enquiries in individual settings and recruit and support new members.
  • Automatic membership was introduced from September 2015.
  • Manual sign-ups are still required for any children under 5 and their families and anyone wishing to be added as an Active Member.
  • Automatic Members receive basic news and information about the TNLP Trust via book bags and online via the Trust website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Active Members are added to regular e-mailing lists and have access to our regular prize draws, newsletters and other benefits and incentives.
Member Benefits  
  • Benefits and Incentives publicity is produced, printed and circulated to member groups on a regular basis and at least annually. An example of some of these benefits include prize draws; consultation and member voice opportunities; holistic support for families; activities, events and trips; training; financial savings; discounted local goods and services and improved access to community clubs and services.
Members Voice Consultations and Events 
  • Consultation is undertaken regularly to ensure that all Trust work and action plans are influenced and driven by the needs and demand of all member groups. Parents, carers, staff and community members are consulted via a variety of means including Facebook, Twitter, Question of the Week, website, electronic and paper based questionnaires, consultation at all Trust events and activity programmes, Trust School Council meetings and member voice events. Consultations takes place at least three times per year and a new consultation is launched each term.
 Trust School Council 
  • The Trust School Council continues to grow in strength and has pupil representatives from all Trust primary schools (including the Temple Learning Academy this year) and Temple Moor High School. It continues to operate effectively with a focus on the Leeds Child Friendly City and the City’s Voice and Influence objectives. Corpus College have also expressed an interest in being involved next year.

Teaching and Learning
  • Training has been provided for newly qualified teachers across the Trust in a variety of our schools.
  • We continue to engage in recruiting new teachers through school direct training programme in alliance with Leeds Beckett University.
  • Leaders of learning have been researching innovative and inspirational ideas that will support children's learning across the Trust.
  • All staff have been given an opportunity to access training with Pacific Institute enabling staff to build on a positive culture and resilient mind-set across the trust.
  • Head teachers have been supported to develop self-evaluation skills through shared visits and peer to peer support. 
  • The delivery and assessment of the new curriculum has been a major focus in all schools. Our Deputy Head teacher group has been in the forefront of ensuring that assessment system supports effective transition across all stages. 
  • The TNLP Trust Early Years Network hosted their second annual Readiness For School Event. All Trust Schools, supported by the Cluster Team, our Children's Centres and Catering Leeds ran a 'market stall' of events that gave parents information on how they can help their child become school ready. 62 adults completed a survey with very positive comments. 
  • Termly meetings of Governor Chairs and Vice-Chairs continue to provide a good opportunity for networking and sharing. A full training programme has also been available to Governors this year.


Community and Family Services

The Trust has continued to meet its aim of working in local communities to develop partnerships and co-ordinate services to improve outcomes and lifelong needs for children, young people and families through the involvement of the Cluster Team, partnership and the establishment of family support programmes, activities and groups.  The TNLP schools are committed towards inclusive practice and ensuring improved mental health and emotional well-being, improved school attendance and behaviour and a reduction in exclusions across the Trust is achieved. The cluster will continue to provide guidance and support for children and families across the group of schools via a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team.
During the last year the TNLP cluster team has delivered:

  • Targeted support for 273 families from members of the Cluster Team from a range of services and professionals in the team. 303 children were referred in total.  The remaining 30 received support via referrals to Platform, Barca YIP, Leeds City Council Youth Services or Catholic Care.
  • 6 Parenting Programmes have been delivered across the TNLP Trust.
  • 4 support groups have been delivered to 24 children and young people to support those experiencing loss, separation, transition and social skills.
  • A programme of professional development has been delivered which includes SENCo and Learning Mentor forums, consultation groups and supervision of key staff.  An offer of 16 specialist training sessions around issues such as trauma, ADHD, nurture, autism, lego therapy, child development and volunteering has been facilitated. 217 professionals and members of the community have accessed these sessions.
  • The Cluster Primary Educational Psychologist has supported the development and on-going running of a Key Stage 1 nurture group at Meadowfield which supports the social, emotional and behavioural development of children with a high level of need in these areas.
  • Thrive is an approach that draws on research from attachment and neuroscience to help understand and respond appropriately to children's behaviour. The Cluster Primary Educational Psychologist is involved in supporting Temple Learning Academy to develop this as an approach throughout school, and additionally at a cluster-wide level.
  • The TNLP Cluster team continue to pilot new projects and ideas. These include:
  • Resilience building group for siblings
  • An enhanced interpersonal mediation model
  • “One Piece of Rubbish” community improvements campaign
  • Development of the Community Fundraising Team
  • Accredited training programme for volunteers in partnership with the YMCA
  • Lego therapy which is used in various ways to support children one to one, via Lego Clubs and in family sessions
  • Ongoing strong relationships with Children's Social Work Service including joint team away days, consultation and training 
  • The offer of extra-curricular activities, events and projects for all children and young people within the community has continued to be coordinated and offered by the Cluster after school and during all school holidays. To date, approximately 2000 activity places have been accessed. At least 60% of those accessing activity programmes are targeted and vulnerable children and young people.
  • In addition to Cluster led activity programmes, the Trust funded SSCO (School Sports Coordinator) based at Temple Moor High School has contributed to the overall offer of positive enrichment opportunities by offering a wide variety of sports and physical activity focused after school clubs, PE support, events and competitions across the Trust. To date around 1400 activity places have been accessed via SSCO coordinated activity.
  • It can be seen from the indicative figures above that local children and young people continue to have access to a wide and varied joint Trust wide enrichment programme within schools and the local community despite diminishing access to and availability of external funding streams. Combined Cluster led and SSCO activity programmes this year will have ensured that around 3300 activity places have been/ will be accessed by children and young people across the Trust.
  • The Cluster and Trust Development Manager has secured external funding this year to support these activities, events and projects for young people and families within the community.
  • A further 10 volunteers have been recruited this year to support the work of the Trust. We now have 21 volunteers in total supporting universal programmes of work. Half of all current volunteers, whilst still supporting the Trust on a voluntary basis, have progressed into employment, education or training. Some volunteers are also volunteering with our partner agencies including Leeds Youth Service, YMCA, Homestart, Leeds Beckett University and St Giles Trust. Accredited training options have been introduced for all volunteers this year. So far we have offered: 2 x AQA Level 1 Accredited Introduction to Volunteering Course.
During the last year the Children’s Centres within our Trust have delivered:
  • Various universal and targeted services for parents, carers and children in partnership with the local health visiting team. Partnership activities have strengthened in particular across both children’s centres with successful co delivery of some services. 
  • Family learning courses have been provided for parent and carers, e.g. E.S.O.L, Maths and English (Lets Learn Together), Infant Massage, HENRY (health, exercise and nutrition for the really young), Ready for School, Pregnancy, First Aid for families and Birth and Beyond.   
  • A wide variety of group sessions have also been held across the year, including toddler groups, Stay and Play, Bingo and Butty, Bumps and Babes, Little Voices (in partnership with Opera North) and Story Time (in partnership with Leeds Library Service).
  • Take up two year old funded childcare places continues to be good, with both centres continuing to promote this across the community.
  • Both centres have worked in partnership with schools to deliver readiness for school courses and an event.
  • Consultation with parents has identified a desire for increased activities over the longer holiday periods, a better balance of morning and afternoon groups and of mixed age activities and an increase of groups that are run in the outside area. 
Our partners

We know that in order to achieve all of the Trust’s aims we required the support and expertise of all of our key partners, including those represented on the Trust Board.  Our partners are committed to working with us and are highlighted below:
  • Leeds City Council is a key partner to the Trust and has continued to support our cluster working during the last year. Councilor Michael Lyons is a Trustee on the Trust Board representing Leeds City Council as a partner. In particular Councillor Lyons has continued his support in the successful transfer of the East Leeds Leisure Centre site to the Temple Learning Academy Free School ensuring the Academy develops into a centre of community support for Halton Moor and Osmandthorpe. For a fifth year there has been agreement between the Trust and Leeds City Council for Lisa Oxley to continue in the role of Targeted Services Leader. This reflects the successes and outstanding work the Trust’s Cluster Team has continued to deliver in the last year.
  • The Co-operative College involvement in our Trust is to link us in with the wider world of Co-operative schools nationally and keeps us aligned with co-operative values.
  • Barnardo’s deliver services to some of the most disadvantaged children, young people and families. They continue to be committed to developing services in Leeds. They have recently launched a new programme providing guidance and training to support young people affected by issues of their sexuality in particular gay, lesbian and transgender bullying. They continue to deliver services in accommodation via supported lodgings and floating support alongside their Nightstop service, disability services, young carers services and children’s rights ensuring at all times that the voice of the child is at the fore of all their work.  
  • The YMCA has delivered a variety of short courses over the year including Job Shop, Employability Skills, Sewing, Pottery, Fitness and Walking groups. The Job Shop success has been fantastic as seven learners have secured part-time, full-time or voluntary work and many have enrolled onto additional YMCA courses or joined further education courses.  A volunteer who was signposted by the TNLP is now in paid employment as a Learning Support Assistant for YMCA supporting one of the Pottery groups. The YMCA has continued to support the Trust with school holiday events by providing fun arts and crafts for families as well as after school gymnastics and football clubs.  It has been a fantastic year for the YMCA, working with the community and the TNLP.  The YMCA have thanked the Trust sincerely for their enormous effort and support in promoting community learning and are looking forward to the next academic year.

Business Development

The primary focus of the Trust’s Business Support Team during this last year has been ensuring the successful pre-opening and stabilisation of the Temple Learning Academy. This has involved the delivery of a Project Plan which has required successful financial, procurement, HR and marketing management. However, as the Academy opened in September 2015 the Business Support team has worked on for further joint benefits of procurement in areas for example of HR, Payroll Management and Internet Service provision.     
The team has continued to provide HR administrative support for recruitment across all Trust schools and supported the appointment of the new Principal for Temple Moor High School, the Secondary Phase Principal and two teaching staff for the Temple Learning Academy. The CPD Programme for all staff across the Trust has continued to be widened with a joint CPD Training Day being held in January.
The Trust wide Governors network continues to develop. This development has included a Trust Governor's Conference and a Training Programme for Trust Governors. Over the past year 290 training places were accessed by our Governors. Substantial financial savings have been made by organising these in-house training sessions. 
Trust Chairs and Vice-Chairs continue to meet on a termly basis to discuss any pertinent issues, exchange ideas and more importantly to share good practice.

And Finally…..

Our TNLP Trust Chair would like to thank everyone who have worked so hard to help the Trust move forward during the past year, particularly if they have done so on a voluntary basis, like our Membership Champions, Community Volunteers, Trust Board Representatives and our School Governors.

Karen Patel, TNLP Trust Chair 2015 to 2016 and Head of Templenewsam Halton Primary School said:

"I am sure we are all proud that the Temple Newsam Learning Partnership Trust approach is being viewed as a model for the future development of school partnerships across the city and hope that the coming year sees even more benefits for our children, young people families and community."

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