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ARTSHAPE MAMMOTH is a non-profit organization with the mission to cultivate and perform arts research, education, and dialogue by supporting the development of artists and by connecting them with new communities.  
We facilitate:
- An Artist Representation Program with thoughtfully curated exhibitions, residencies, and visiting artist opportunities
- A Cross-Cultural Exchange Program exhibiting artists across continents
- ONE Arts Center Gallery and workshop space in Vermont
- Visitor Center Artist Camp near-wilderness residency in the UP of Michigan
- Traveling Experiential Workshops in Metal-Casting and Ceramics

Recent Adventures
Visitor Center Artist Camp  3rd Annual
Artist Residency &
Sustainable Practices Symposium

We had an excellent symposium with a great group of folks this year!
We worked hard, we played hard!
"Minnesota" Mel Seeger was instrumental in our efforts to build rain shelters for work space and dining space...
The fire shack, and the mess hall!
The Local Clay Workshop dug Yooper YumYum from the ground...and with it we threw, hand-built, and slip-cast...
...and fired work in our traveling raku kiln, and in a barrel of wood. We used raku, horsehair, pit-fire, and burn-out techniques!
The Recycled Aluminum Workshop experimented with ceramic-shell molds, made from the local Yooper YumYum clay and local sand...
...and green-resin, local sand molds!
We made great art...
...and great friends!
Camp SoulGrow Studio
August 2016

Frank Lind, Detail of Study for Oyster Pond, 40” x 20”, oil on canvas, 2013 

Camp SoulGrow Studios in Montauk
Curated by Aubrey Roemer
Featuring Artists: Alex Costantino, Aubrey Roemer, Frank Lind, Joan Harmon, Jeanne Wilkinson, Kristi Arnold, and Maureen O’Leary

Foreground: Paintings by Alex Costantino; Background: Painting by Aubrey Roemer

The work exhibited was an eclectic mix of media tied together by exuberant forms and colorful imagery, inspired by coastal environments, and created by a collection of artists from all over the country.

A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Camp SoulGrow to support the organization’s amazing work with children.

Foreground: Glass work by Joan Harmon; Background: Paintings by Maureen O'Leary, Photos by Jeanne Wilkinson

Wayfarers at Camp SoulGrow Studios
7 The Plaza, Montauk, NY August 12th-14th
Kristi Arnold
Mergings & Minglings
Loveland ArtSpace Gallery
July 2016
Mergings & Minglings
New Paintings and Sculpture by Kristi Arnold
Artspace Loveland Gallery
July 2016

"Beneath any given blended or mixed form there might be two distinct ways of understanding the world, one in which such mergings and minglings made sense, and one in which they did not."
-Geoffrey Harpham

Today the grotesque is associated with the horrific, the repulsive, the ugly and the distorted. Our society craves disfiguration, evidenced by deformed rubber Halloween masks, tales of monsters, both real and imaginary, and the proliferation of horrific acts by characters in film and literature. However, the grotesque once described an ornamental style of Renaissance painting that embodied not the ugly but the beautiful.

In conjunction with the grotesque’s historical aesthetic, I explore contrasting ideas such as beauty/ugliness, representation/abstraction, order/disorder, and the poetic/horrific, as well as the connection between mythological hybrid beasts, character masks in contemporary films and the tragic comedies of the Commedia dell'arte.

In the new series, Mergings & Minglings, my main source of inspiration stems from the psychological phenomenon pareidolia (where a person sees familiar forms in random shapes or patterns), traditional Japanese landscape painting, and biological illustrations. 

Kristi Arnold 

Upcoming ASM Exhibitions
The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins
September 2016
Work by Joan Harmon, Kristen Tordella­-Williams and Lindsey Wolkowicz
Curated by Anna Hultin

The Downtown Artery252 Linden Street, Fort Collins, CO

Opening Reception September 2nd, 6-10pm

1. the action of dissecting a body or plant to study its internal parts.
○ synonyms: cutting up/open, dismemberment; 
2. very detailed analysis of a text or idea.

To create a successful work of art an artist must constantly be dissecting ideas and aesthetics. What works well in one piece or situation may not in the next so they must cut, edit and begin anew with the remnants of what was once created.
Dis·sec·tion features work by Joan Harmon, Kristen Tordella­-Williams and Lindsey Wolkowicz. Each piece investigates either the dissection of an idea or an aesthetic element, and the artists themselves exhibit the ability to delve into their concepts to create a detailed analysis of their ideas through their art practice.

This exhibition opens for Ft Collins' First Friday Art Walk, September 2nd, 6-10pm.
As always, a complimentary beer will be provided by the wonderful folks at New Belgium Brewing and Mary Peterson Bradley's famous brownies and other hors d'oeuvres will be served. Get ready for another night of art, music, beer, and friends!

Music performance by 
Out To Lunch will start at 8pm!

Pushing the depths of the underground jazz scene, cutting edge New York City-based Out to Lunch has released its third instrumental album, No One Left Behind, on one of the finest indie record labels, Mesa Bluemoon Recordings. Tracks such as “In Da House” and “It’s a Jungle Out There” move effortlessly from the world of funk to breakbeat, from dub to house, creating a sound that hits both the mind and feet. Out to Lunch has not only established itself as a mainstay on the New York scene, but has toured extensively through North America and Europe.

Opening Reception September 2nd, 6-10pm
Exhibition Dates: Sept. 1st - Sept. 13th
The Downtown Artery Gallery Hours: Tues. - Sat., 12pm - 6pm

more info here

Paul Higham
SYNTHETIC DATA SCULPTURE : Data Trouvé to Autotecture
Lycoming College Art Gallery

September 2016

Herakleitos, 14” x 10” x 8”, Fused Deposition Abs 400 plastic, 2016

Lycoming College Art Gallery
25 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA
Opening Reception + Artist Talk :  Friday Sept 16th 5:30pm  

SYNTHETIC DATA SCULPTURE : Data Trouvé to Autotecture by Paul Higham is a Solo exhibition of code generated data works including early vacuum formed histograms from 1974 and the first fused deposition sculpture Heuristicles

As a post conceptual artist questioning autonomy Paul Higham utilizes a repertoire of technologies to directly engage the possibilities of algorithmic generation. In extending the conceptual art paradigm to include compression, encryption and retrieval as well as remote data acquisition the work is output by the agency of robotic construction such as cnc, and rapid prototype. 

Exploring discrete commonalities of form and function in self organization and entropy found in artificial and natural structures Data Trouve harvests "Grains of Data" to produce dimensional matrices in REAL-TIME which fenestrate organicity, hysteresis, synthesis, turbulence & noise within culture : the algorithms of life. Data Trouve being harvested from the real world and Autotecture originating within algorithmic mathesis and equations are often synthesized in random combination. The generative model continually evolves, feeding back, mirroring & aligning under a “Social Skin” as a form of Social Architecture.

These works suggest a conceptual primacy that resides in their hand coding.

more info here

Art Shape Mammoth
re•flect, 40"x60" photographl

The Aidron Duckworth Art Museum is delighted to welcome Ann Barlow of Burlington, VT to exhibit her Salt Storage Series. Artist’s Talks at 4pm to hear more about Barlow’s process and inspiration. This exhibition will be at the Duckworth Museum July 30th through Sunday, September 11th

more information here

Anne Beck’s books Landlooker! & Landlooker! II are included in Cameraderie, at Asheville Bookworks opening September 9 in Asheville NC. Her Tinder Bag Pattern designed for The Landlooker Society is featured in RadeoFlyer: Artists Re-Imagine the Flyer on the streets of LA & NYC during the month of August. And she will be participating in San Francisco Center for the Book’s Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival on Sunday, September 18 to launch a new project - stay tuned!
Attached image info:
Spread from Landlooker! II A Cursory Survey of Land-use Traveling from New York to California & Back Again, 2008 - 2016 (2016) - a redacted and annotated version of a 2009 volume of the same title. Overlayed on the original prints are alterations that reflect my shift in perspective from urban to rural - identifying borders and bioregions, patterns of emissions, water pathways to be day-lighted, sites for bio and aesthetic remediation, & sites of story, legend & future folklore.. inkjet & solvent prints on found paper, fluorescent paint, ink, letraset & vinyl, hand bound, accordion fold, 6 x 10 x 1" closed, 6" x 72' open.

Liz Ensz, will take part in 2 shows this summer: 

NIMBY (Not in my backyard): An independent project series for a noncommercial outdoor site with the intention to make commentary on public space, community experiences, and urban ecology. Alongside installations there will be workshops, video art, and a publication of essays. Featured artists include: Jim Duignan, Liz Ensz,
Kate McQuillen, Linda Tegg, Kelly Reaves & Nick Lippert, and Andrew S. Yang.
Opening reception, June 4th at 2633 N Emmett St. Chicago, IL

In the solo exhibition, Iron Ore Cannot be Educated into Gold atSub-Mission Gallery, July 8- August 19, Enz borrows from the visual language of monuments and commemoration to question the permanence and ephemerality of both culture and matter (drawing no hierarchy between them). 

More Info Here


Lindsey French’s Phytovision: Road Trip! will be screened as part of the Ryerson Woods Film Festival on August 20 in Chicago.
At the Headwaters: An Interview with Lindsey French, A. Laurie Palmer, Sarah Ross, and Gulsah Mursaloglu is part of a series of interviews by Caroline Picard for her month long blogging residency, August in the Anthropocene, for Bad at Sports. The interview revolves around a project investigating the Calumet River and its petcoke deposits, and a group effort to visit the site and record aerial photography.
Work from a recent residency will be on display at the Catwalk Resdiency in Catskill, New York for Reflections on Art from the Site Lines of Nature on September 17. More info here.
Seth Goodman is exhibiting in the show, Humor Me, at the Visual Arts Exchange in Raleigh, NC.  The work is a part of his recent sabbatical project that comments on America’s current elections cycle.
Jane Gordon is premiering a new work, Replacement System 5.1, as part of Bridge: Arts and Social Justice at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM. Opening reception is September 2nd, with Artist Talks in the Gallery on September 15th, the show runs through September 29th.
MOON, Steel , magnets, Zerox waste, 100cm x 100cm 1998/2015

Justine Johnson's piece, Moon, was shortlisted for the British Women Artist of year 2016. Moon is a deceptively simple piece made of thousands of steel staples  assembled through magnetic force the surfaces shift and change overtime to make a complex moonscape & allusions toward gravity & feminine force.

Three works, Return, Breeding Blue, and You Can't Take the Sky Away From Me and Other Colors were selected by Plasticpropaganda for ‘Sugar and Spice’ at Devon House Gallery, St Katherine Docks, London opening August 23.

Moss Mountain, steel

Coral Penelope Lambert's sculpture, Moss Mountain, will be featured in a new Sculpture Venue set up by ISC Board Member Doug Schatz and the Historic Preservation Society at River Park near Potsdam, NY. Moss Mountain was originally created and exhibited at the Museum of Steel Sculpture in England for the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. 

Moss Mountain is nostalgic and fun, yet raises awareness to earths resources as puffs of fog will be run off of a solar powered system: the emissions become reliant on the energy of the sun. The cracks of the sculpture referencing the tectonic plates of the earth are covered in native moss + industrial green felt to give a sense of splitting then healing over time. The installation of new sculptures at River Park take place in July/Aug and the show runs throughout 2016/17.

more info here


Sarah Magida will be showing embroidery and jewelry at a craft show in Baltimore on Aug 13th. 

More info here

Sarah will also show work at St Paul’s School For Girls on Aug 29th. Color, Line, Shape at St Paul’s School For Girls is a multi-media show of six local Baltimore City artists who explore color, line and shape as aspects of their process  and art making. Lecture to be announced.

More info here.

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