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ARTSHAPE MAMMOTH is a non-profit organization with the mission to cultivate and perform arts research, education, and dialogue by supporting the development of artists and by connecting them with new communities.  
We facilitate:
- An Artist Representation Program with thoughtfully curated exhibitions, residencies, and visiting artist opportunities
- A Cross-Cultural Exchange Program exhibiting artists across continents
- ONE Arts Center Gallery and workshop space in Vermont
- Visitor Center Artist Camp near-wilderness residency in the UP of Michigan
- Traveling Experiential Workshops in Metal-Casting and Ceramics
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Visitor Center
Artist Camp
Artist Residency 
& Sustainable Practices Symposium

August 3rd - 14th, 2016

Special Extended Deadline for Our Newsletter Readers: June 30th!!

contact us if you have a scholarship need:
Take a workshop in:
Local Clay Processing,
Recycled Metal Casting,
Seeger's Mack-Truck Sawmill,

OR propose an independent project that embraces The Visitor Center's rugged setting and adventurous attitude.

We will gather to make art, share skills, exchange ideas, build community, and examine sustainability in life and in artistic practice.

We have several scholarships available and we are accepting proposals for presentations related to sustainability in art and life.
ArtShapeMammoth:Exchange artist residency
a trash art adventure
ArtShape Mammoth Artist Aubrey Roemer is the Director of Art and Communications for Oceans Care. She will be leading a group of 10 selected artists through a two-week
Artist Residency
ON A PIRATE SHIP in Indonesia!

Oceans Care is launching their new Trash Wheel Project in Indonesia this fall. This residency will be an AMAZING adventure that serves to clean our world's waterways while creating art and building community across the globe.

Spend one week on the ship sailing through islands in Eastern Indonesia, collecting trash and making art, and one week on the island of Lombok finishing your sculptures and exhibiting them for the Oceans Care / Sound of the River Festival!

October 14th - 27th, 2016

To Apply, or for more information, CLICK HERE
Applications will be reviewed in the order received.

Oceans Care is an eclectic team of visionaries: artists, filmmakers, teachers, and entrepreneurs, leading a movement to prevent ocean plastic and clean our precious oceans.

We will implement a hydro-solar powered wheel that intercepts plastic & trash on one of the most polluted areas in East Indonesia NTB.
contact us with questions:

Kristi Arnold
at Loveland ArtSpace in July
Mergings & Minglings
New Paintings and Sculpture by
Kristi Arnold

Artspace Loveland Gallery
Artist Reception July 22nd, 6-10pm

"Beneath any given blended or mixed form there might be two distinct ways of understanding the world, one in which such mergings and minglings made sense, and one in which they did not."
-Geoffrey Harpham

Today the grotesque is associated with the horrific, the repulsive, the ugly and the distorted. Our society craves disfiguration, evidenced by deformed rubber Halloween masks, tales of monsters, both real and imaginary, and the proliferation of horrific acts by characters in film and literature. However, the grotesque once described an ornamental style of Renaissance painting that embodied not the ugly but the beautiful. In conjunction with the grotesque’s historical aesthetic, I explore contrasting ideas such as beauty/ugliness, representation/abstraction, order/disorder, and the poetic/horrific, as well as the connection between mythological hybrid beasts, character masks in contemporary films and the tragic comedies of the Commedia dell'arte.

The main objective of my work employs this method through distortion, transformation, dark humor, absurdity, contrasting color palettes and the play between positive and negative space. I specifically abstract representational forms through repetition, symmetry, and change in orientation, transforming the shapes from their original context. Similar to the Rorschach test and Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm shift theory, the shapes are interchangeable, shifting between two or more forms, forever in a state of flux.

In the new series, Mergings and Minglings, my main source of inspiration stems from the psychological phenomenon pareidolia (where a person sees familiar forms in random shapes or patterns), traditional Japanese landscape painting, and biological illustrations. Oftentimes, the imagery that I work with is overtly apparent, resembling certain icons found in popular culture and nature, while other times they are more concealed. By exploiting these situations through the juxtaposition of opposites, I hope to incite ideas that blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, and between beauty and ugliness.

Kristi Arnold 


ArtShape Mammoth is accepting artist portfolio submissions for consideration between June 1st and July 15th, 2016, for our next representation year: Oct 2016 - Sept 2017.

We will be selecting a small number of new artists to represent. We work with each artist individually, identifying goals and striving to place their work in appropriate venues. ArtShape Mammoth is a community; we seek artists who are interested in developing an extended dialogue with other artists. Many of our artists are college professors, run galleries, organize projects, teach, or otherwise demonstrate a commitment to the arts community in addition to making their work.
Photos From ASM Exhibition
Leggo My EGO:
Pathoses of Contemporary Culture
Leggo My EGO : Pathoses of Contemporary Culture is a multi-sensory, satirical exploration into human relations in the context of hierarchical class structures and systems of control. 

The human condition in contemporary American society is one largely plagued by apathy and arrogance, yet these artists have found a way to contemplate this struggle with grace. With vivid imagery and poignant narratives layered with humor and irony, these artists make earnest observations on unjust and domineering elements of society. They employ painting, sculpture, sound, and audience participation to produce an intriguing kaleidoscope of emotions and expressions of identity in response to the status quo of our consumer-based culture.  

Paintings by Seth Goodman, ceramic sculpture by Jennifer McCandless, and interactive sound sculptures by Margaret Noble.

More Info Here
2015, 16" x 20" acrylic, photo transfer on panel

Jessica Mongeon’s painting Baroque Abundance II, has been selected for a juried exhibition.The Retrieval of the Beautiful opens June 23rd and runs through July 16th at The Painting Center in New York.
Chris Collins is featured on a segment of the television show !Colores!
Watch it here
or on youtube
Pioneer of Digital Sculpture Paul Higham will be showing Concrete Ships, Solar Eclipse with Falcon Song at Ecole Centrale in Paris as part of the European Symposium on Additive Manufacturing. A curated exhibition of Sound Sculptures and 3D-printed work will be presented in conjunction with the “Fete de la musique.” The work will then travel to Hong Kong in the context of the International Mathematics Olympics by invitation of the French Consulate.

Concrete Ships, Solar Eclipse with Falcon Song prototyped in Bronze and Clear Pla was sampled and made onsite in his mobile studio: Solar Airstream Fab Lab.

More Info Here
Sculptor Coral Penelope Lambert will be in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park to make and install Gusher, a large outdoor cast iron and water sculpture.

Her work explores forces of nature and the materiality of something mysterious and magical but ultimately ominous. Gusher is based upon the idea of recreating the spectacle of natural phenomena. It is a 15ft high cast iron and water work that gently bubbles dark water and gold flake. The iron patina glistens and changes over time reflecting the nature that created it.

The participatory nature of the installation invites the public to perhaps retell their own stories and develop new interpretations about phenomena erupting from the earth such as in the form of geysers and oil strikes.

She invites you to pop by whilst she is in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, MN from July 29th through August 15th.
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