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Language Orthodox
Lewis Gallery, Millsaps College
Jackson, Mississippi

Featuring Dickie Cox, Sarah Phyllis Smith, Rebecca Weisman, Andrew Brown, Douglas Degges, Warren Hicks, Heather Gordon, Jeremy M. Lange, Alyssa Messerendino, Harrison Haynes, and Lindsey WolkowiczLanguage Orthodox examines the personal commentaries artists evoke in their work.

These artists share nothing in particular between their works other than a statement of Artistic Practice itself: a form of language that allows communication to be interpretive between the viewer and artifact, permitting the space for recurring opinions and succeeding dialogues in the wake of one’s view.
Andrew Brown, A Nap in Baltimore, 2016
Douglas Degges, Untitled
Sarah Phyllis Smith, Hard Clouds / There's nothing to take a picture of
Lindsey Wolkowicz, from the Push/Pull series, 2015
Language Orthodox focuses not on the journey’s close but a beginning expressed in works that can be continually reconsidered throughout time.
Curated by Alicia Lange.
More photos and info HERE
Dimensions Variable
Artspace Gallery
Loveland, Colorado
Dimensions Variable features David Alban and Julie Anne Ward, showing two-dimensional work with a sculptural twist.

With a shared visual emphasis on movement and lively repetition of form, these two artists have seemingly disparate subject matter, until one looks closely at the interwoven themes which bind them further: the social and cultural importance of the visual image, in reference to our bodies and the vehicles that become an extension of ourselves, and the loss of something we are so deeply connected to and which is ingrained in us. Can we celebrate this loss?
Julie Anne Ward has been interviewing truckers in the States and now in Japan, studying the loss of this way of life due to technologically-driven government regulations. She has created a series of abstracted digital prints, which she's presenting here in sculptural format, of the flashy Dekotora trucks from Japan. Each incredibly unique and a vehicle for personal expression, these colorful images and energetic forms are a celebration amidst the loss of this social subculture.
David Alban is a ceramic sculptor who uses simple clay bodies paired with reactive lithium glazes, creating chunky, abstracted forms based off of teeth and mandibles, in response to extreme dental work he's endured, and the visual and cultural importance society puts on teeth. His works on paper are scratched and layered with graphite, repeatedly applied and erased, cut up and glued, and repeated again, into layers of chaotic, rocky forms.
Dimensions Variable was recently on view at Loveland ArtSpace Gallery.
Curated by Amy Joy Hosterman.
More photos and info HERE
Brooklyn Wayfarers
New York

Opening Reception This Friday!
October 6th from 6 - 8pm

Brooklyn Wayfarers

Tympanum brings together eight artists whose work examines the interface between the inner life and the outside world of the other through the membrane of the body.


Artists Wendy Copp, Zachary Fabri, Leslie Fry, Paul Higham, Vishnu Seesahai, Sandra Stephens, Julie Ward, and Lindsey Wolkowicz all address the body as a tympanum between the outside world and our inner lives through the lenses of identity, technology, architecture, nature, and psychology. The tympanum, a thin, transparent membrane that separates the auditory canal from the middle ear, is obliquely stretched. As Jacques Derrida describes in his 1972 essay, “Tympan,” the tympanum also “squints,” separating the inner and outer world and determining the limits and truth of either side in direct proportion to its obliqueness. Through their works, these artists offer us the opportunity to squint, unlocking the double understanding of the membrane and unbalancing the pressures that correspond to either side.

Guest curated by Erin Gleason, this exhibition at will be on view October 6th - 22nd, 2017.

Artist's Talk and Q&A Sunday, October 22nd from 4 - 6pm.

Wayfarers is located at 1109 Dekalb Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 11221.


More info HERE

Mapping Experience,
Living and Learning Gallery, UVM
Burlington, Vermont
Justine Johnson, Planning Ahead I, indigo, Japanese paper, 54"x36"

Opening Reception on Thursday, October 26th
Artist Talks by Alex Costantino and Caroline Mcauliffe at 5:30pm


Art Shape Mammoth and UVM’s Living and Learning Gallery presents Mapping Experience, an introverted look at self-exploration and the documentation of experience through the manipulation of materials. These nine artists utilize diverse media, working in clay, textiles, film, industrial materials, and everyday objects, but share a passion for inward examination and outward emotion.


The work of artists David Alban, Aimee Hertog, Justine Johnson, Sarah Magida, Kristen Tordella-Williams, Douglas Degges, Alex Costantino, Andrew Brown, and Caroline Mcauliffe shares a psychologically immersive quality, drawing viewers into the elusive space between memory and perceived reality. Observing the rituals of labor, the repetition of artistic process, and the continual tracking of time, they shape tangible records of life and memory through the visual language of layers and textures. The outcome is an array of tactile sensations for the psyche as physical material is shaped, stitched, ripped, dipped, smothered, and burned into being. Mapping Experience presents investigations into daily life, abstract narratives of the psyche, and archives of action. As they contribute contemporary perspectives to the history of each material, these artists are at the same time forging fossils of experience and making discoveries into themselves, as archaeologists of the subconscious.
Curated by Amy Joy Hosterman and Margaret Coleman.

Margaret Coleman will moderate a panel discussion with three sculptors exploring motion this upcoming Saturday, October 7th, at 2pm, at Cold Hollow Sculpture Park in Enosburg, Vermont.
Douglas Degges and Sarah Phyllis Smith have a two person show at Fluorescent Gallery in Knoxville, TN. Sharpless opened on Friday, September 1st and runs through the 29th.
Joan Harmon received an Honorarium to present her interactive sculpture Totem Orchestra at the Burning Man Festival at Black Rock City from August 27th-September 3rd. Each Totem is a series of musical instruments that participants could play.
ASM Guest Curator Erin Gleason is opening The Tug, a colleciton of artworks that examine the tension between lived experience and the points of calculation by which we measure life. The exhibit, at FiveMyles Plus/Space in Brooklyn, NY, will be on view October 14-November 1, with a reception Saturday, October 14, from 5-8pm.

Part installation, part exhibition of drawings, prints, photographs, and sculpture, The Tug addresses how our sense of truth is pulled between lived experience and terms of categorization through the topics of the feminine, beauty, and the sublime. With playful nods to Henri Bergson, Hypatia of Alexandria, Immanuel Kant, Joseph Kosuth, and Virginia Woolf, the artworks challenge our habits of finding security in equating measurement with truth across the terrains of architecture, cartography, history, technology, and language.

Accompanying the exhibition is the public event Le Mot Juste, a continuation of the artist's Dark Salon series. Hosted by the artist, the Dark Salon is an open discussion exploring the philosophical ideas behind the exhibition, and will take place on Thursday, October 19, from 6:30-8:30pm. All participants are blindfolded, discovering ways to navigate group conversation without the visual cues we typically rely on. Following the salon will be an informal tour of the exhibit and an Artist Q&A.
Tray, 2016

Aimee Hertog was in the two-person show Fleur (Essence) at Lazy Susan Gallery until September 6th, which was featured in an article on “Breathtaking Art Exhibits in NYC”!
The West Gallery at the Earlville Opera House in NY is pleased to present a show of paintings by Maureen O'Leary, a body of work examining domesticity. Her paintings touch on what qualifies as civilized versus natural – what is rugged, and what is safe. She has observed people engaged in ordinary activities with objects they treasure and keep close, particularly in the home environment. Through all of this she uses paint to explore the emergent abstractions derived from these observations and the natural laws behind how we reshape the world to make a home within it.
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