Sunday 3rd January 2016

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As we enter a new year and cycle, the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women team would like to thank you for the amazing support and participation we have had for the programs offered over the past year.
We would also like to welcome you to a new series of Esoteric Yoga Stillness programs, commencing this month.

  U P C O M I N G   P R O G R A M S
Bookings for the 6-week group programs commencing in January 2016 are now open.
The 6-week program incorporates one Esoteric Yoga session per week – available via ‘live’ attendance online, or access via the session recordings at a time that suits your schedule. Within each session is the opportunity to share with the group about what is unfolding in your relationship with stillness in your daily activities and connections. An online blog and learning platform supports further sharing and connection throughout the program for participants.
Program dates and times are now available from the website by clicking here:

F R O M   P A R T I C I P A N T S
I can feel the woman inside of me and she feels so amazing, she blows me away.”                   
Deborah, Bendigo Australia

“I am listening to my body more, even my restaurant job noticed how "calm" and "together" I have become… in general life doesn't feel like one big blurry race any more… in myself I feel more calm and still.”              
Alex, Sydney Australia

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  T H E  M O D A L I T Y  O F  E S O T E R I C  Y O G A
The modality of Esoteric Yoga was founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine in the year 2000 for our current times, supporting our re-connection to the quality of stillness that is within every single one of us.

Esoteric Yoga incorporates gentle, everyday movements and the opportunity for a true stop – to simply be with you. In the busyness and activity of modern life, our inner stillness offers us a deeply valuable reference point, that we may honour ourselves and the exquisite beauty of our essence as women, as we go about our day.
The Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women presents a practical and supportive framework for us as women to reconnect to our inner stillness and from there, nurture this connection in our everyday living. The quality of stillness is something we can all reacquaint ourselves with, so it is experienced and felt from our own body.
For more on the true benefits of Esoteric Yoga, click here:

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We look forward to another amazing year of sharing this program with women near and far, and the natural power and beauty of celebrating women in stillness.

With love
The Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program Team