Wednesday 7th October 2015

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We would like to welcome you to the next series of Esoteric Yoga Stillness Programs for Women.
Esoteric Yoga offers a practical and real way to to deepen our relationship with ourselves and our bodies as women, to once again live from the Stillness and divine wisdom we all carry within.

  U P C O M I N G   P R O G R A M S
Our next series of 6 week Esoteric Yoga Stillness Programs for Women are now open for bookings. Weekly sessions include an Esoteric Yoga session and the opportunity to share and reflect on what it is to connect to ourselves and each other as women in Stillness. Due to the intimacy of these programs there is a maximum number of 20 women per group.
Program dates and times are now available from the website by clicking here:

F R O M   P A R T I C I P A N T S
"I'm appreciating this morning how utterly amazing my body is: there's no hiding from its messages anymore." Byrony

"I fully recommend the Stillness Program to all women. It has been unexpectedly revealing, healing and powerful in many extraordinary ways. A stand out gift was that in the Stillness I could feel the various mechanisms I have used to suppress and protect the true woman I am and the toll this has taken on me both physically and within myself. Allowing myself to feel, understand and appreciate this with commitment to my own growth, is true self-love at a very deep level." Jeannette

  E S O T E R I C  Y O G A  -  At once ancient and modern
In the busyness and demands of our modern times, it is commonplace for many to find themselves far removed from the Stillness within, and a sense of who they truly are. Esoteric Yoga is yoga for our current day and reminds us in a very practical way what it feels like to live in Stillness once again.

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  S H A R I N G  Y O U R  E X P E R I E N C E

The Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women project is dedicated to sharing the power of Esoteric Yoga with women everywhere. Program participants currently have blogs published on the Esoteric Women's Health website and soon to be released is our very own blog on the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women website. Stay tuned.

Within the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women Project we have a blog editing team. If you would like to write a blog on your experience with Esoteric Yoga, particularly how it has supported you in your connection with your body, your connection to Stillness, and how this has developed in your daily life, then we would love to hear from you.
Your blog has the potential to connect with women worldwide and offer them something that could change their lives forever.
If you would like to write a blog and are not sure where to start our blog editing team are here to support you with tips on how to get started. They are here to offer you any support you require.
By sharing our experiences we can assist other women to understand the true value of Esoteric Yoga, Esoteric Women’s Health, and the way back to themselves.
Please email us to submit all blogs and inquiries.

   S O C I A L  M E D I A
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With love
The Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program Team