Sunday 20th March 2016

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We would like to welcome you to a new series of Esoteric Yoga Stillness programs commencing in April. The theme for this suite of programs will be centered on developing an intimate relationship with ourselves and our body. 

  U P C O M I N G   P R O G R A M S
Bookings for the 6-week group programs commencing in April 2016 are now open.
The 6-week program incorporates one Esoteric Yoga session per week – available via ‘live’ attendance online, or access via the session recordings at a time that suits your schedule. Within each session is the opportunity to share with the group about what is unfolding in your relationship with yourself and your body. An online blog and learning platform supports further sharing and connection throughout the program.

For those new to the Esoteric Yoga modality or with little experience, we have a beginners program starting on Sunday 10th April.

Click on the book now button below to check our schedule of programs and make a booking.

P A R T I C I P A N T   T E S T I M O N I A L
In the last program we interviewed a number of women on how the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program was supporting them. The following interview from Sarah Flenley shares the awareness and wisdom she has gained from developing a more intimate relationship with herself and her body.

Sarah Flenley
Councillor candidate,
Community Engagement Officer
Cairns, Australia

Listen to Sarah's recording here.

  R E C O N N E C T I N G   T O   O U R   B O D I E S
Esoteric Yoga forms an integral part of the suite of healing modalities offered through Esoteric Women's Health as founded by Universal Medicine. These modalities support women across the globe in our return back to living in union with the Stillness and divine Sacredness innately held by all women, once again. 

We look forward to celebrating our natural power and beauty as women in stillness.

With love
The Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program Team

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