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Today's recommended read

New mystery on Northern Lights
Dr Biagio Forte (Dept. of Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
Cosmos Magazine and UPI
Our research
Dawkins' fabled cooperative gene discovered in microbes
Professor Jason Wolf (Milner Centre for Evolution)
Select Science

The EU Withdrawal Bill, triggering of Article 50 and start of negotiations 
Dr Susan Milner (Dept. of Politics, Languages & International Studies)
BBC Radio Wiltshire

Women's low pay expectations make it harder to close UK pay gap
Dr Chris Dawson (School of Management)
BBC Wales and The Telegraph

Logic of people with ADHD symptoms is good for business
Professor Dimo Dimov (School of Management)
POST Online Media

It's not what sport children play, but how they play it that matters
Ioannis Costas Batlle (PhD Researcher, Dept. of Education)

From Bath to India to the Moon
Sam Brass, Nick Doughty, and Elliot Robinson (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
BBC Points West and BBC Radio Bristol
Higher Education news
British scientists face a ‘huge hit’ if the US cuts climate change research The Guardian
Why bright ideas are the curse of politics The Times (subscription required)
Letters: Fairness and the grammar school intake The Times (subscription required)
Hunt: Keep new doctors in the NHS for five years Daily Mail
Doctors could be forced to work for NHS for at least five years The Telegraph
English and history teaching ‘in decline’ i Newspaper
UK must cough up cash to turn tech R&D to gold City A.M.
Graduates in first jobs ‘lack people skills’ Daily Mail
Stop treating international students like migrants, Lords warn Mail Online
Peers defeat UK government on international student policy Times Higher Education
Tories dealt crushing defeat as House of Lords vote to remove students from migration target Mirror
Fewer EU students expected in Wales after Brexit BBC News
Sir Mark Walport: amendments have left the HE and Research Bill stronger Times Higher Education
UK universities 'less optimistic' about finances, survey finds Times Higher Education
Views from the NHS frontline: Why is there so little social diversity in medicine? The Guardian
How can we tackle the thorny problem of fraudulent research? The Guardian
Female science and engineering 'talent waste' worry BBC News
Managing risk in a new student visa system Wonkhe
Employers should join universities in reaching out to disadvantaged communities Wonkhe
Half of employers say that British graduates lack the skills needed for the workplace BBC (6.50am)
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