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Is your home project feasible?

5 'TOP' tips to help making your project more expedient!

Last week, our first HOME SHOW EXHIBITION at the Sydney Olympic Park was a great success! We had a lot of visitors coming over asking for advice on how to make their home projects better, or that they need a bigger space but not sure what to do!
For those that want to know more... here's 5 tops tips for this month's newsletter! Don't forget to watch our new animation to know more about us!

Come talk to us at Go Design Solutions, the Sydney’s specialists in residential drafting design, to provide recommendations to what you can do to your home!

Did you know that home projects does not have to be complicated, you just have to find the right person for the right advice!


We've been very excited to announce our new 1 minute video, which showcases what we do and the simple 5-step-process! Simply click the image on the LEFT and enjoy! 

Tip #1: Knowing what you need

It can be very confusing sometimes when you are not sure which package or process to take when you are submitting a development. What's the difference between them and how do they work? Check out these terminologies here! 

Tip #2: Thinking to build as big as you can? Think Twice!

Whether you're doing CDC or DA, there's certain restrictions with floor space ratio and landscape ratios. Make sure you check that both of these complies in your development. Click here for more information about FSR and LZR!

Tip #3: Is it feasible??

Whether you're thinking to buy a land, a house or already having one looking to expand. Make sure it's feasible! How do you know? Get a feasibility Studies Report will show you the importance of potentials and restrictions of your land/house/property!

Tip #4: Understand the nature of your land!

Land are now too scarce to waste. Make sure you understand the nature of your land, know what's do-able and what's not! A 'good' land can do so much; perhaps more than what you can imagine! Understand the importance of good land and good size lands!

Tip #5: Get a good set of drawings!

Whether or not you've got an idea of what you're planning to do for your new development, or simply need some help with getting ideas, talk to a design drafting specialist! A set of good quality drawings speaks for itself and saves you so much more time when submitting applications! 
Learn here about good drafting drawings!
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