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How should you plan on your next home purchase?

It's fun, challenging and exciting to purchase a new home or land, but before you say "yes" and leave that cheque, how much potentials does it have?"

Being the Sydney's specialist in residential drafting design, we've encountered numerous projects where our clients had bought a property for the "wrong purpose"; yes when we say "Wrong", it basically means that the clients want a huge development, but the site's suitability simply does not fit! Oops. Before you buy a property, make sure you know your purpose; either extend it, knock it down and rebuild, or simply wanting to renovate it!

At Go Design Solutions, we aim to help our clients getting the most suitable piece of land for future development and we provide recommendations to what you can do to your home with a FREE first consultation!

Are you sure you are buying THAT one?

Don't get mislead by the agent's flowery words and the beautiful "cosmetic make-up" of the house that is presented to you at your first glance at a site inspection, ask yourself some questions first! Here's the top questions to learn!

Know what you buy & how to be BETTER

A good land is extremely important, even if you are not planning to develop now. You might want to later, or you might want to sell it in 5 years time! Get a good land and boost its potentials! Here's our explanation!

Cost, budget, expense!

We all know it's not an easy process to build something nice and AFFORDABLE.. but there are ways! You just got to get the calculations right. Here's a COST guide for you!

The importance of SITE SURVEY?

A site survey is an inspection of the proposed site for DA, CDC and CC submission purposes. Yes you will need it for any of these development. Learn more about what is a good site survey and how much it will cost.


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