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Things that you may not know about "renovations"!

When it comes to renovation, it's exciting, it's fun but at the same time, it can be difficult and painful; why? There's so much involved and sometimes you just don't know where to start!

Have you ever had that feeling before? We understand that renovation can be a big project for many, it may even be once-a-lifetime event, that is why it has to be and need to be done properly and effectively. No one wants to dump bulks of money for a designed home not wanted.

Being the Sydney's specialist in residential drafting design, we've faced many clients who've came to us asking for help, as they were not sure what to do and where to start when they decided to do a renovation job.  Go Design Solutions specialised in residential drafting, DA, CC and CDC submissions; whether you are just thinking to do an extension or building a brand new home, we can help!

Playing with Setbacks!

A smart design does not just look 'beautiful', it needs to comply with regulations with the sizes and 'setback'. At Go Design Solutions, we play 'smart' with setback to maximise your living spaces!
Learn more about what 'setbacks' do and why do we need it!

Know what's 'exempted' - Carports?

Not everything needs a local authority approval, but you just need to be careful on the "regulations!". If you are looking to build a carport, it can be exempted.. YES, IT CAN.. as long as you meet the basic rules!

Looking to build a carport, check out these codes!


The needs of Private Open Spaces

Private Open spaces are great! It provides you fresh air, outdoor area for BBQ parties and gathering, it also give your Privacy from your neighbours. Click here to understand more about it!

Sliding doors v.s Bi-folding doors

As contemporary and modern living plays a huge part in our society, more and more we want to bring the outside into our lives; creating large light-filled open spaces to enjoy the best of both the inside and the outside. Large doors becomes one of the families favourite as it allows us to achieve the inside-outside style, but how do you choose what is right for you? 
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