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Welcome to the semi-annual Seeing Spots Photography newsletter. We are so glad you're here!


(That's a saying right?  If not...well, it is now!)

Today is the day!  Our long awaited book is now available, ON SALE for a limited time!


Photography. DUH. .......yeah, that's REALLY what we named our book. haha

Photography. DUH. is a firsthand account of the landscape photography mistakes you shouldn't make!  Why?  Because mistakes are embarassing.  And costly.  Inconvenient.  Frustrating.....  You get the idea.

So why make mistakes if you don't have to??  This book is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes instead.  And possibly laugh at our expense.  (Probably both.)

Not sold yet?

Here is what photographer Derek Kind had to say about it. :-)

Photography. DUH is a collection of downright useful common sense knowledge presented with an engaging brand of humor that will keep you entertained as well as enlightened. Filled with the type of good solid advice that would have saved me much trouble if only they’d had the decency to write it a few years earlier, Shannon and David lay out all the stuff budding landscape photographers ought to know and probably don’t. Two thumbs up, five stars, +1 and a Like for a thoroughly recommended book.” – Derek Kind

Congrats to Liz in VT!  
She picked up a free print as part of our Gift Giveaway contest. 
Thanks to all that participated!
Looking for a hands on learning experience?  Join us in New Hampshire or Pennsylvania this fall for a one day in-the-field class and editing assistance in the weeks that follow!  Read more about that HERE.
Want to create a silky smooth waterfall effect?  Rest your camera on something solid and slow down your shutter speed. If you're using a camera phone, look for an app like "Slow Shutter" to control how long the shutter stays open.
4 Tips to Improve Your Sunrise and Sunset Photos

It's that time of year....the time of year where it's actually warm enough to sit outside and watch the sun go down.  Photographing the sun going down though...that's a little more difficult!  Get quick tips (downloadable PDF) guides to improving your photos here.

The password is "freegift".

My name is Shannon, and I am a photographer.  Traveler. Teacher. Author. Lover of beautiful things.  Dog owner.  Chap stick addict.  You can read more about how this photography venture came to be here!

My business partner (also one of my best friends and a generally all around cool dude) is David Pasillas, who represents our interests on the west coast.  You can read more about his shenanigans here
That time I got in the way of someone else's shot.  Image courtesy of David Pasillas.
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