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  Joint Programming Newsletter

Joint Programming is a research and innovation policy concept driven by societal challenges. Its aim is to tackle grand societal challenges through more efficient use of resources, by the alignment of funding at national level and through decreasing fragmentation in the European Research Area (ERA). There are ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), for an overview see our joint programming website. This monthly newsletter provides in a nutshell up-to-date information for scientists, (research) policy actors, and other stakeholders.
Newsletter 13 July 2015

About us

The JPI & ERA-NET Account of the division Wageningen International at Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) follows ERA policy and strategy, the Joint Programming Initiatives and ERA-NET (Cofund) Actions, specifically those in the areas of the bioeconomy, food, and the blue and green environment. Information is shared through website, newsletter, social media, and seminars. We support the liaison on the national as well as the European level. Also, we coordinate the European platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions, lead alignment activities and other coordination work within FACCE JPI Secretariat, and are involved in organising ERA-NET Cofund programmes. 


Joint Programming Initiatives are very much of relevance for Wageningen UR. Science for impact and addressing the societal challenges go hand in hand. Engagement in the actions often starts early on. For example by presenting FACCE JPI and discussing ideas for joint activities with the JPI Climate at their brokerage event last month in Brussels. By being part of the governance and secretariat of JPIs, which brings steering and organising work, such as for Strategic Research Agenda’s and in holding workshops. By going to the Urban futures event that JPI Urban Europe organises at European institutions in September. The involvement also opens doors to other international networks and regions, think of the Dutch involvement in Water JPI, WssTP and the Water World Forum. The calls of JPIs that use Cofund instrument combine national funds and programmes with European top up funding. And they are competitive. This summer the full proposals have to be written for the FACCE SURPLUS call on sustainable production for food and non-food chains, and for the Urban Europe ENSCC call on smart cities and communities. And while for the those writing proposals this summer the return of the effort is still uncertain, others have seen investment paying off. The granting of an international project on anti-microbial resistance coordinated by RIKILT researchers brings AMR into the family of JPI’s that Wageningen UR is involved in. In September the next Newsletter will be published. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and news at
Enjoy the summer! Christine Bunthof, Wageningen International, Wageningen UR 


RIKILT microbiologist researcher Mariël Pikkemaat leads project in JPI Anti-Microbial Resistance

Resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics is a major problem in health care. Often this problem is caused by bacteria that produce beta-lactamase enzymes, which degrade this group of antibiotics. This can be prevented by administering the antibiotic together with a substance which inhibits the enzyme from the bacterium. In this way existing beta-lactam antibiotics can be made usable again. Dr. Pikkemaat is coordinating a consortium of Canadian, Swedish an Dutch researchers working in a JPI Anti-Microbial Resistance (JPI AMR) project to find new beta-lactamase inhibitors.
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JPI Urban Europe Call ENSCC – Results of pre-proposal evaluation announced

The ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) was established by the JPI Urban Europe and the Smart Cities Member States Initiative (SC MSI). It initiates a transnational joint call for RDI proposals addressing new solutions in the urban field, and demonstrating the feasibility of their implementation. The Steering Committee of the ENSCC has now approved the priority list of the Expert Panel.
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JPI Climate brokerage event: 'Demand driven climate services in Europe' successfully held

The aim of this JPI Climate workshop, held on 11 and 12 June 2015, was to encourage collaborative activities and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to initiate the development of research, development and innovation projects on climate services that respond to the needs expressed in the Horizon 2020 Roadmap for Climate Services, and initiatives such as the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the planned JPI-Climate ERA-Net. Christine Bunthof - Wageningen UR was one of the speakers.
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JPI Urban Europe preparatory steps: towards a Joint Call on Smart Cities with China

European Research Funding Agencies working together in the context of the JPI Urban Europe, the Smart Cities Member States Initiative and the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities initiative, launched an additional activity working towards a jointly funded call with China on smart cities. In order to work out a preliminary assessment of the situation and evaluate options for a joint call, a report was developed, which may have the interest to Wageningen UR researchers.
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JPI Urban Europe organises High Profile Event Brussels on 29 & 30 September 2015

JPI Urban Europe jointly organises with European institutions the conference “Transition towards sustainable and liveable urban futures”. This two day event starts with a high level event with European institutions at the premises of the European Parliament. The 2nd day consists of panel discussions and workshops targeting a broad spectrum of urban stakeholders.
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28 projects invited to submit full proposals within the framework of FACCE SURPLUS

28 out of 67 research consortia have received an invitation to participate in the second application step within the framework of FACCE SURPLUS. In January 2015, 15 countries joined forces and launched - in collaboration with the European Commission - a call for joint European research projects in the field of Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture.

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JPI Climate Workshop on Knowledge Usability

This JPI Climate workshop took place on June 17, 2015 and attracted participants from different backgrounds to discuss climate science communication. The meeting was chaired and moderated by Rob Swart, Ingrid Coninx (Alterra Wageningen UR, and JPI Climate Working Group 4) and others.

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Kick-off meeting of the JPI Climate 1st Joint Call - "Tackling global societal challenges through innovative climate research", a summary

This kick-off meeting of the JPI Climate 1st Joint Call took place on June 16, 2015. The goals of this event were to boost networking at different levels, to foster capacity building among the projects and to explore outreach and communication strategies. The meeting attracted 35 participants from different backgrounds, including representatives from the consortia selected in the context of the joint call, representatives from research funding agencies, members of the JPI Climate Transdisciplinary Advisory Board and experts on transdisciplinary research.
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JPI Urban Europe Blog: Urban Summer

A blog written by Frieda Crooy. A century ago only the privileged and rich could break away from the city to travel to fashionable foreign countries. They returned home relaxed and inspired by what they experienced and would  demonstrate their being well travelled in fashion and home decoration: “Oh darling, I just adore your turban, and where did you get that lovely tiger rug?
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