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Joint Programming is a research and innovation policy concept driven by societal challenges. Its aim is to tackle grand societal challenges through more efficient use of resources, by the alignment of funding at national level and through decreasing fragmentation in the European Research Area (ERA). There are over seventy active ERA-NETs and ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs); for an overview see our joint programming website. This monthly newsletter provides in a nutshell up-to-date information for scientists, (research) policy actors, and other stakeholders.
Newsletter 24 March 2016

About us

The JPI & ERA-NET team of the division Wageningen International at Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) follows ERA policy and strategy, the JPIs and ERA-NET (Cofund) Actions, specifically those in the areas of the bioeconomy, food, and the blue and green environment. Information is shared through website, newsletter, social media, and seminars. We support the liaison on the national as well as the European level. Moreover, we coordinate the European platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions, lead alignment activities and other coordination work within FACCE JPI Secretariat, and are involved in organising ERA-NET Cofund programmes. 


Dear reader,
Are the ambition levels of the Member States high enough when it comes to joint programmes? How do the current partnerships such as JPIs have impact on societal challenges? The European Commission established an Expert Group to look into these and other issues of joint programming. The eagerly-awaited report that was published this month is making waves. Chairman J. T. Hernani and the other four experts extensively reviewed documentary information and interviewed stakeholders. Clear problems concern the level of political commitment to the JPIs, the level of representation in boards and the extent of national coordination. The group looked at the ten JPIs and some other P2Ps. Although the JPIs are too different to each other to make comparisons, a set of spider diagram summarizes the outcomes on eight specific (impact) indicators. The report addresses role of the countries, the initiatives, the committee with member state representatives advising and monitoring JPIs, and the European Commission. For raising political attention and speeding up of the process two key recommendations are made: ensuring that national ERA Roadmaps take full account of the need to strengthen alignment, commitment and investment, and for those countries that do not already have one, to establish a national coordination system for joint programming.
Turning to our country, I am happy to inform you that there is an overview available on our website of Dutch participation in ERA-NET Cofund Actions in 2016 -2017 and the connection with the Dutch Top sectors. Furthermore in this newsletter a selection of events of JPIs, of new actions, and of projects that are running.  And what is upcoming? A pick of two items: three joint programming initiatives, FACCE, Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life, and Oceans are acting together for putting Food and Nutrition Security high on the agenda. FACCE MACSUR organises a workshop addressing implications of the Paris agreement on climate change and the EU Common Agricultural Policy for European agriculture . Reports on that will follow in the later newsletters. Enjoy reading this one!
Christine Bunthof, Section leader Joint Programming & ERA-NETs.

Expert Group evaluates Joint Programming to address grand societal challenges

The final report of an Expert Group set up to evaluate Joint Programming to address grand societal challenges has been published. The report shows that still considerable progress needs to be made on alignment, commitment and investment.
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Dutch participation in ERA-NET Cofund Actions in 2016 -2017 and the connection with the Dutch Top sectors

In the period 2016 – 2017 The Netherlands will participate in research calls of more than 20 ERA-NET Cofund Actions via Top sectors. This is the result of prioritation for which the Top sectors have been consulted. The available funding amounts to 20 M €. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) manages these funds.
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Belmont Forum Food Security Project Meeting as part of the 3rd Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Project in China

The Belmont Forum organises the  "Food Security" Project Meeting as part of the 3rd Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Project - GLP-OSM in China. During this event the Belmont Forum and FACCE-JPI research projects on Food Security and Land Use Change will present their research results to the scientific community. The conference will be held from 24-27 October 2016.
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Long-term EU strategy for agricultural research presented at Agriculture and Fisheries Council

On 15 February 2016, the Commission (DG AGRI) presented the state of play of the development of a long-term EU strategy for agricultural research to the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, based on the outcome of a conference on the issue which took place from 26 to 28 January 2016 in Brussels.
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FACCE-JPI welcomes five new members to the Scientific Advisory Board

The GB of FACCE-JPI has appointed five new members to the FACCE-JPI Scientific Advisory Board: Claire Chenu (Agro Paris Tech), Johanna Buchert and Kari Saikkonen (Natural Resources Institute Finland), Mette Termansen (Aarhus University) and Sonja Vermeulen (CGIAR/CCAFS).
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FACCE-JPI European and International strategy is "open to the world"

FACCE-JPI adopts a new European and International Strategy to address the global challenges of sustainable agriculture and food security in the face of climate change in a more effective way.
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FACCE Knowledge Network on Sustainable Intensification prepares to start with a Kick-off meeting

The Knowledge Network on Sustainable Intensification (KNSI) is a new instrument being developed by FACCE-JPI, envisioned as a broad expert community connected by a Committee of National Science Leads and Funder Representatives and an informal web of nodes and interactions. The network will be formed by ongoing projects, programmes and various national and international science-policy-practice interactions.
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Call launched on monitoring and mitigation of greenhouse gases

On 4 March 2016 the FACCE ERA-GAS Cofund launched a call for transnational research projects on Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agri- and Silvi-culture in Europe and New Zealand. The indicative total budget amounts to 13,9 M €. The Netherlands participates with an estimated budget of 900 K€.   
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WaterWorks opens new call cofunded by EC

The WaterWorks2015 (2016 Joint Call) by Water JPI and FACCE-JPI is open for project proposals. Under the call theme "Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors" a total indicative budget of 25.5 M€ will be available. The Netherlands participates with an indicative budget of 300 K€.
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Sumforest pre-call announcement

The ERA-NET Sumforest pre-announces the upcoming call for transnational collaborative research projects. The title of the call is: Sustainable forests for the society of the future. The call will open on 21 March 2016.
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JPI Urban Europe presents the 17 approved ENSCC projects

In the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities Call 17 projects were approved in December 2015.
After the first evaluation stage 32 consortia were invited to submit full proposals in September 2015. Now, 17 projects have been selected for funding and will be running for three years from the first half of 2016 onwards. The Netherlands coordinates 10 of these projects and participates in another 2 projects. 
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Preparing joint calls in “Urbanisation” between the EU and China

In September and October 2015, two missions were performed in the context of preparing the ground towards launching a Joint Call between ENSCC funding agencies and Chinese funding partners (Work Package 6a). The timing of the missions was attuned with the preparation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the JPI Urban Europe that was presented in the European Parliament end of September.
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JPIAMR could provide data to shape prudent use of antibiotics policy

The European Parliament could play a crucial role in shaping an European prudent use of antibiotics policy and JPIAMR can provide evidence and data to support such a policy. JPIAMR should also provide best practice guidelines. This was the main message from a meeting JPIAMR organised on 16 February 2016 with European Parliamentarians.
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The consultation on the revised strategy of JPI Climate is now open

JPI Climate is currently revising the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The intention is to reflect recent developments, both in climate and climate-related research, and the political and socio-economic environment. JPI Climate invites stakeholders to contribute to the consultations that will inform the updating of the SRA and the next steps towards its implementation.
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Second phase of funding JPI HDHL Secretariat

 JPI HDHL got a new Coordination and Supprt Action (CSA) funded under the EU H2020 Research and Innovation Programme started on 1st February 2016. The main objective of this second CSA of the JPI HDHL is to support the further implementation of JPI HDHL Strategic Research Agenda and to create a sustainable collaboration between its member countries, the European Commission and related international organisations.
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JPI HDHL“Nutrition and Cognitive Function”: Five research projects recommended for funding

Five transnational research consortia including 26 research groups from 9 European countries have been recommended for funding under the umbrella of the JPI HDHL Joint Call "Nutrition and Cognitive Function". The Netherlands takes part in three of these projects.
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Open: ERA-HDHL Cofunded Call “Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health”

The joint transnational call “Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health” (BioNH) is open.The call will focus on the “development and validation of biomarkers for nutrition and health, including nutritional intake, nutritional status, physical activity-related health, diet-related health and risk of developing diet-related diseases”. The Netherlands (ZonMw) participates in the call with a contribution of 1.0M€.
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Joint Call “Intestinal Microbiomics”: Six research consortia recommended for funding

Within the JPI HDHL Joint Action "Intestinal Microbiomics", six projects will be funded. The projects focus on to increase knowledge on the effects of diet, on human intestinal microbiota and the impact of diet-related variations in the intestinal microbiota on human health and/or the development of non-communicable chronic diseases. Prof Dr. Jerry Wells and Dr. Clara Belzer of Wageningen UR each participate  in one of these projects.
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Israel and Sweden new full members of JPI HDHL

JPI HDHL is delighted to welcome two new full member countries in the JPI HDHL community: Israel and Sweden. With these two new full members, JPI HDHL now has 21 full member countries and 5 countries that are connected with JPI HDHL with an observer status.
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