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  Joint Programming Newsletter

Joint Programming is a research and innovation policy concept driven by societal challenges. Its aim is to tackle grand societal challenges through more efficient use of resources, by the alignment of funding at national level and through decreasing fragmentation in the European Research Area (ERA). There are over seventy active ERA-NETs and ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs); for an overview see our joint programming website. This monthly newsletter provides in a nutshell up-to-date information for scientists, (research) policy actors, and other stakeholders.
Newsletter 10 December 2015

About us

The JPI & ERA-NET team of the division Wageningen International at Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) follows ERA policy and strategy, the JPIs and ERA-NET (Cofund) Actions, specifically those in the areas of the bioeconomy, food, and the blue and green environment. Information is shared through website, newsletter, social media, and seminars. We support the liaison on the national as well as the European level. Moreover, we coordinate the European platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions, lead alignment activities and other coordination work within FACCE JPI Secretariat, and are involved in organising ERA-NET Cofund programmes. 

Merry Christmas and a good start with joint programming in 2016


Joint programming is about tackling grand societal challenges together. A high-level conference last week reflected on the Lund Declaration of 2009, which stated “Europe must focus on the Grand Challenges of our time". The “Lund Revisited” background paper calls for a step-up of the alignment of strategies, instruments, resources and actors supported by clear political commitments: “European research and innovation system needs to be more effective in addressing societal challenges to the benefit of the European citizens. For that we need higher ambitions from all stakeholders and actors as well as accelerated pace and larger scope of efforts”. The European Commission announced that they will keep supporting the joint programming initiatives and stipulated that they have a role to play in the four key policy areas  pointed out in the Lund Declaration 2015; alignment, frontier research, global cooperation and impact with priority actions for each area. 

The JPI & ERA-NET team follows and informs about policy and practice of joint programming, and colleagues at Wageningen UR can contact us with any question related to ERA-NETs and JPIs. The first monthly Newsletter appeared in the beginning of this year, with a report about the JPI Seminar held on 16 January in Wageningen and interviews with six researchers all involved somehow in JPI projects, agenda settings, or scoping activities. Also in that first edition: the announcement of the FACCE SURPLUS call on sustainable production of biomass for food and non-food uses, and news about actions of JPI Oceans, JPND, and Urban Europe. This December issue - appearing in the advent of an obese Santa, the cultural heritage of houses decorated with trees, in urban areas with ageing population at risk of more heavy rainfalls but less chance on snow due to climate change (which are at least five grand societal challenges in half a sentence) - is filled with a combination of policy, networks, calls and project news. There are new ERA-NET Cofund Actions, such as on Sustainable Animal Production Systems, on Monitoring and Mitigation of Agricultural and Forestry Greenhouse Gases, on Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health, on Understanding Welfare Models, and on Smart Urban Futures, all with contribution of Dutch funders (NWO, ZonMW, Ministries): opportunities for collaborative projects with small European consortia to contribute, ultimately, to societal and policy needs. Meanwhile, the SURPLUS call has resulted in the selection of 14 projects for funding. We are keen to highlight the expected impact by interviewing researchers, but that is for the next newsletter. Wishing you all  joyful Season’s holidays. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  

Christine Bunthof, Section leader Joint Programming & ERA-NETs.

Chairs of Joint Programming Initiatives release joint declaration at Lund revisited conference

At the conference ‘Tackling Societal Challenges’ in Lund on 3 December 2015, the chairs of the different Joint Programming Initiatives summarised how to move forward with the JPI scheme.
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Report on Public-Public networks in Europe

A new report on public-public (P2P) networks in Europe has been published. The report covers the 18 month period from the start of Horizon 2020 in January 2014 to the end of June 2015. PLATFORM and ERA-LEARN jointly collected the published call information of the ERA-NETs.

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JPI Climate symposium held: Taking stock and inspiring the future

The goal of the JPI Climate Symposium: Taking stock and inspiring the future on 17 and 18 November 2015 in the Palacio de Zurbano in Madrid, was to present and discuss with stakeholders the elements of the new JPI Climate strategy.

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JPI Climate Symposium Designing Comprehensive Open Knowledge Policies to Face Climate Change

This Symposium took place in Vienna (Austria) on 22-23 October 2015. JPI Climate invited climate-related research communities, research funding organisations, policy makers and practitioners to discuss together on how societies can manage data and information to create knowledge (and ultimately wisdom) with problem-solving character.

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SusAn announces Call

The ERA-NET COFUND “European Research Area on Sustainable Animal Production Systems - SusAn” elaborates on the recommendation of building the future development of European animal production on the three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and society. This ERA-NET is planning to launch a call for transnational research proposals in early January 2016.
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Pre-announcement of the call

Successful ERA-NET Cofund proposal: ERA-GAS

In March 2016 the call is expected to be launched of the FACCE-JPI ERA-NET COFUND action ERA-GAS, on monitoring and mitigation of greenhouse gases from agri and silvi-culture. The proposal, led by Ireland, has been positively evaluated and is now in EC grant agreement preparation. NWO is a funding partner. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs is leader of WP5 on Communication and Dissemination, and Wageningen UR of WP7 on short and long term strategy.
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14 projects selected for funding in FACCE SURPLUS

Fourteen out of twenty-seven projects have now been chosen for funding in the frame of the FACCE SURPLUS ERA-NET. The projects fall within the three main themes presented in the call: “Spatial targeting of land use to increase biomass production and transformation”, “Developing markets” and “Sustainable intensification of integrated food and non-food systems of agriculture”. Some projects cover more than one theme.
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Legacy and future of SUSFOOD

For the Status Seminar on 13 October 2015 of SUSFOOD (SUStainable FOOD production and consumption, a former FP7-ERA-NET), researchers, project managers and policy makers gathered in Brussels. The main objectives of this seminar were providing an overview and updates of the outcomes of the FP7 SUSFOOD ERA-NET, and getting prepared for the future as ERA-NET COFUND under Horizon 2020. The JPIs FACCE and HDHL were invited for the discussion.
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ERA-HDHL is soon expecting: ERA-NET Cofund Call on Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health

The main objective of the ERA-HDHL Cofunded call, expected to be launched early 2016, is to support multidisciplinary transnational research consortia that will use innovative and scientific approaches to increase knowledge on the development and validation of biomarkers for nutrition and health.
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Working Groups on Neurodegenerative Diseases

JPND will shortly begin an action to support working groups on “Harmonisation and Alignment in Brain Imaging Methods for Neurodegeneration”. The aim of this call is to establish a limited number of transnational JPND-sponsored expert working groups to address issues of key relevance for the future use of brain imaging techniques in Neurodegenerative Disease research.
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JPI Urban Europe presents its projects with animation films

Twenty animation films are presenting the core of ongoing projects in a nutshell: ten projects are from JPI Urban Europe’s First Call and ten projects belong to the Second Call. The videos are aiming at bringing the realm of research projects closer to the rest of the world.
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Matchmaking event ERA-NET COFUND Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF) Call

During this matchmaking event on 21 January 2016 on the ENSUF Call, established by JPI Urban Europe,  representatives of municipalities, social entrepreneurs, scientists and other interested parties can meet to explore ideas for building a consortium together to submit a pre-proposal in the ENSUF call.
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Ocean-Climate Nexus Consensus Statement

A key output of the 5th Marine Board Forum, held on 21 October 2015 in Brussels, was the Ocean-Climate Nexus Consensus Statement, which will be presented in different arenas on both sides of the Atlantic to promote it in the context of the upcoming talks of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris.
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BEU 2016 - The fourth BioEconomy Stakeholder Conference, 12-13 April 2016, Utrecht, the Netherlands

On 12 and 13 April 2016 the fourth BioEconomy Stakeholders Conference will take place in Utrecht. At this two-day conference the results of previous high-level events, e.g. the SCAR Foresight Conference, the Bioeconomy Investment Summit and the Global Bioeconomy Summit, will converge to develop a ‘Stakeholders’ Manifesto for the Bioeconomy in Europe’: a roadmap and a shared commitment to shape the bioeconomy through collaboration and dialogue. Join this high-level event under the auspices of the Dutch EU Presidency, co-organised by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the European Commission.
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