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  Joint Programming Newsletter

Joint Programming is a research and innovation policy concept driven by societal challenges. Its aim is to tackle grand societal challenges through more efficient use of resources, by the alignment of funding at national level and through decreasing fragmentation in the European Research Area (ERA). There are ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), for an overview see our joint programming website. This monthly newsletter provides in a nutshell up-to-date information for scientists, (research) policy actors, and other stakeholders.
Newsletter 12 October 2015

About us

The JPI & ERA-NET Account led by Christine Bunthof of the division Wageningen International at Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) follows ERA policy and strategy, the Joint Programming Initiatives and ERA-NET (Cofund) Actions, specifically those in the areas of the bioeconomy, food, and the blue and green environment. Information is shared through website, newsletter, social media, and seminars. We support the liaison on the national as well as the European level. Moreover, we coordinate the European platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions, lead alignment activities and other coordination work within FACCE JPI Secretariat, and are involved in organising ERA-NET Cofund programmes. 


Working in the FACCE-JPI Secretariat, this summer has been quite exiting as we are progressing towards an updated Strategic Research Agenda and a new Implementation Plan, for 2016 and 2017, following the previous 2014 - 2015 Plan. In working together, Member States and Associated Countries across the European Union strive to align their research (efforts) and create added value beyond national interests. Joint programming through aligning one’s national research programming, funds and research needs a shared understanding of common goals, political drive and practical solutions. A key element is in learning from past experiences. The previous PLATFORM Master Class for the ERA-NET project managers presented such a learning experience. The ERA-LEARN project has very recently organised a workshop dedicated to “Practical Implementation of Alignment: Learning from Good Practice”. Joint programming is not uncontested, as the process requires efforts, can be difficult and takes time to go from research need to action. Science Europe recently contributed to the discussion with their ‘Position Statement on Joint Programming’ where they state that: “JPIs identify societal challenges where scientific knowledge is essential for addressing them, and where building a critical mass is more important than diversity and duplication”. The Strategic Research Agenda, and actions to implement this agenda, is all about identifying research needs and is the heart of each JPI. The release of the H2020 - 2016 -2017 draft Work Programmes show a new instrument devised to speed up the process from research need to the launch of the research Call through so-called Framework Partnership Agreements. Many actions are in motion to improve joint programming and create new research opportunities. An exciting summer indeed! We hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter and welcome your feedback, suggestions and more news at jointprogramming(at)
Dorri te Boekhorst, Wageningen International, Wageningen UR

Connecting Wageningen UR expertise with the national, European, and global climate-smart agriculture challenges

FACCE-JPI attended at the workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) meeting held at Wageningen UR on 17 September 2015, addressing CSA challenges and the role and unique selling points of Wageningen UR.
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PLATFORM Annual Event 2015 held on 10-11 September, Berlin

The Berlin 2015 event was designed to serve a broad interest. The theme of this event was ‘ERA-NETs for Impact and Global Cooperation’. It addressed core topics such as alignment and impact; interactively the attendees looked into collaboration needs and interactions.
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Science Europe invites new thinking on the future of joint programming

Six years after the Lund Declaration on grand challenges and five years after the launch of the first Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), it is time for European policy makers and society to take stock of the past and chart the future of public policies addressing the grand challenges of our time.
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Water JPI Interview with Laura Burke

Interview with Laura Burke by the Water JPI. Mrs. Burke is the General Director of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. "JPIs contribute to developing common solutions, sharing of good practices resulting in more efficient research programmes, to supporting the implementation of joint actions, and to improving coordination with other national and European RDI programmes."
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JPI HDHL session in 12th European Nutrition Conference FENS 2015

The 12th FENS European Nutrition Conference (20-23 October 2015, Berlin) will be organised around 5 major topics presented in parallel scientific sessions. These will be conducted by various organisers. JPI HDHL is organising the session 'Nutrition Research opportunities' on 22 October 2015, with Dutch contributions.
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JPco-fuND Transnational Call 2015 developments

In 2015, JPND (JPI on neurodegenerative disease research) has launched a joint transnational co-funded call in partnership with the European Commission under the ERA-NET Co-fund scheme in three JPND priority areas. Twenty-one project proposals are recommended for funding by the Peer Review Panel based on scientific excellence.
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JPIAMR and French Ministry of Health to host collaborative talks between European ministries and agencies in the field of AMR

JPIAMR and the French Ministry of Health are organising on 17 November 2015 an Intergovernmental Workshop in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
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FACCE-JPI ERA-NET Plus Kickoff meeting held in Paris

Ten of the 11 funded projects on Climate Smart Agriculture were present at a common kickoff meeting that was held at the INRA headquarters in Paris on 21 September 2015. Five of these projects are with Dutch researchers.
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JPI Climate 1st Joint Call Kick-off Meeting report

JPI Climate invited the 9 consortia selected in the context of the JPI Climate 1st joint call 1 (both for Topic 1 –“societal transformations in the face of climate change” and for Topic 2 –“Russian Artic and boreal systems”) to a Kick-off meeting. Dutch representatives were actively involved.
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ERA-LEARN Annual Joint Programming Conference 2015

This annual Joint Programming Conference 2015 will focus on “Building and Sustaining Commitment to Public-Public Partnerships”. This conference will be held at MCE Management Center Europe in Brussels on 24 and 25 November 2015.

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Horizon 2020 draft Work Programmes ERA-NET Cofunds 2016 - 2017 released

Recently, the draft Work Programmes for 2016-2017 have been released and these include information on the new ERA-NET COFUNDs. The ERA-NET COFUND scheme under Horizon 2020 is designed to support public-public partnerships, in which Member States work together to jointly programme, prepare and coordinate activities such as Calls for proposals..

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JPI Urban Europe: Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) launched

During the two day Conference ‘Transition towards Sustainable and Urban Futures’ on 29 and 30 September 2015, the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) was launched.

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JPI Climate CSA Taking-stock and planning the future, Madrid symposium

The aim of this “working symposium” on 17-18 November 2015 is to present and discuss with stakeholders elements of the new JPI Climate strategy based on a review of past or ongoing achievements and to discuss ways towards a prioritised implementation of this strategy.

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