10th March 2015

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Veterinary Vaccinology Network Newsletter

BSGCT: Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Public Engagement Day

The Veterinary Vaccinology Network, among other exhibitors, took part in this one-day Vaccines and Infectious Disease event hosted at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History as part of Oxfordshire Science Festival 2015. A day which included engaging young scientists in Vaccines and Infectious Diseases via a range of topical presentations, most notable a guest lecture presented by Professor Peter Piot, co-discoverer of the Ebola virus, as well as the chance to talk to scientists and participate in interactive activities.

Next Event: 3rd International One Health Congress

The focus of the congress is to provide a platform for multidisciplinary collaborations involving human, veterinary and eco-health disciplines as well as life sciences, social sciences and informatics.

Papers of Interest

The relative magnitude of transgene-specific adaptive immune responses induced by human and chimpanzee adenovirus vectors differs between laboratory animals and a target species
Veterinary Vaccine R&D - A commerical perspective: A synopsis of Dr Michael Francis's presentation from the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference 2015
Structural Biology and Vaccinology: Presentation from Professor David Smith given at the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference 2015
Highlights from the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference 2015: Find Presentations Here
Survey Monkey Conference Feedback Questionnaire
Funding Oppertunities
BBSRC sLOLA 2015/2016 Outline call for specific strategic area: 'Understanding Complex Microbial Communities'
Cross-Council Thematic Initiative: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (theme 1) :P Understanding Resistant Bacteria

Veterinary Vaccinology Focused Workshops

Interested in holding a workshop with a specific veterinary vaccinology focus?

Please email to discuss holding focused workshops in Veterinary Vaccinology funded by the Veterinary Vaccinology Network.

Young Career Veterinary Vaccinology Network Steering Committee
The Network is currently looking to set up a young scientist steering committee for Veterinary Vaccinology. This will be a forum to discuss Veterinary Vaccinology issues as well as the needs of young scienstists and how the Veterinary Vaccinology Network may be able to help support future careers.  Please email to show your interest in becoming a part of the Young Scientist Veterinary Vaccinology Steering Committee.

A Call to all Members:

  • Please upload a photo of yourself on to your member profile
  • We are currently trying to map out the Veterinary Vaccinology Research Landscape. Please let us know if you research programmes contain PhD and postdoc students who have a veterinary vaccinology focus. We hope to target young scientists to establish whether a workshop/summer school would be useful in helping promote career development as well as gain future funding.
  • The website is in much need of photos and news, let us know if you have any news to share at
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