7th December 2015

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UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference 2016

£75 for two-day ticket
£40 for one-day ticket

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The UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network would like to invite you to attend the 2nd Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference hosted at the Manchester Conference Centre on 5th and 6th January 2016.

Theme 1 Transcriptomics - Global Immune Responses will provide talks from a variety of speakers focusing on the immunology of vaccines for different species and pathogens. The plenary talk given by Professor Oriol Sunyer will provide an overview of the research his lab focuses on regarding the basic and applied aspects of the fish immune system and how this aids in vaccine development. Further presentations from Professor Helen McShane and Professor Johnjoe McFadden will identify knowledge from both TB vaccine development in humans and bovine providing lessons to be learnt from a OneHealth perspective. Professor Damer Blake will discuss research in Eimeria - protozoan parasites which cause coccidiosis in livestock species most notably poultry.

Theme 2 Novel Vaccines will provide an update on the advancements in novel vaccines focusing on immunology, vector vaccines and glycoengineering. Speakers including Professor Paul Klenerman, Dr Miles Carroll and Professor Brendan Wren.

Theme 3 will focus on funders, collaborations and priorities in animal health research: The plenary presentation 'Understanding open innovation and its potential impact on vaccinology' will be delivered by the Chief executive of the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council, Professor Jackie Hunter. Delegates will have the chance to hear updates regarding two EU H2020 projects: SAPHIR Strengthening Animal Production and Health through the Immune Response and PARAGONE the development of subunit vaccines for multicellular parasites; identifying how international collaborations between institutes and commercial partners are working together on vaccine development.

The Wellcome trust have recently released its new strategy including a vaccine platform which will be discussed within this theme as well as a presentation from Dr Samuel Thevasagayam from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who will outline how BMGF prioritise funding in animal health.

Theme 4 Working effectively with industry: A key aim of the network is to help develop smooth translation of veterinary vaccines from laboratory to field enabling collaborations between research and industry. This theme will illustrate case studies of successful collaborations between research and industry as well as understand priorities from industrial perspective.  

Theme 5 One Health and Application of New Technologies: The recent Ebola outbreak has brought together an international response with regard to Ebola virus understanding and vaccine research. As the virus itself can infect both humans and primates, and it has been established that bats may provide a reservoir role, a One Health approach has been adapted for research. Dr George Warimwe from The Jenner Institute will discuss this along with his current research developing a Rift Valley Fever Virus Vaccine.  


Professor Jackie Hunter to step down as BBSRC Chief Executive

UK Spending Review 2015: UK Vaccine Network receives further £90 million by 2020.

Papers from speakers attending VetVaccNet Conference 2016:

Integrating immune mechanisms to model nematode worm burden: an example in sheep.
A Novel Vaccine against Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Protects 100% of Animals against Lethal Challenge in a Mouse Model
Recent Developments in bacterial protein glycan coupling technology and glycoconjugate vaccine design
Mucosal immunoglobulins and B cells of teleost fish.

Correction: Newsletter 25th November 2015
News item: Antigen Discovery and Proteomics of Host Response Workshop

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