4th February 2015

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Veterinary Vaccinology Network Newsletter

Free PhD and Post Doc student tickets for the first Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference

Having sold over 100 tickets to the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference hosted on the 16th and 17th February at the Birmingham ICC, the network is now happy to announce that there are a select number of free tickets open to PhD Students and Post Doctoral Students in their first three years of study.

If interested please contact Madeleine Clark at

Recent Papers published on the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Website

An MHC-restricted CD8+ T-cell response is induced in cattle by foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection and also following vaccination with inactivated FMDV.

P and M gene junction is the optimal insertion site in Newcastle disease virus vaccine vector for foreign gene expression

 Wild Immunology: converging on the real world

Vaccinology in the Public Eye

The Diva VLP - A Celebrity Trojan Horse
Virus Like Particles are an interesting vaccine concept, they are indistinguishable from viruses yet as only the external shell, no infectious agent is associated. This has thus become a new concept in the effort to protect against viruses. 

Picture taken from: Crisci et al. “Virus-like particles: the new frontier of vaccines for animal virual infections”, Vet. Immunol. and Immunopath., 2012

The 1st UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference

 Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference Programme 

16th - 17th February 2015
Hosted at The Birmingham ICC

Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference Themes:
 Epidemiology and Economics
Novel Tools and Technologies
Protective Immunity
Immunogen Design

The 1st Veterinary Vaccinology Network  Conference is a two-day event, bringing established scientists, those that work in industry and policymakers together to discuss Veterinary Vaccinology.

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Veterinary Vaccinology Focused Workshops

Interested in holding a workshop with a specific veterinary vaccinology focus?

Attend the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference to network with other researchers, discuss ideas and talk to the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Steering Committee about hosting a focused workshop in your area.

A Call to all Members:

  • Please upload a photo of yourself on to your member profile
  • We are currently trying to map out the Veterinary Vaccinology Research Landscape. Please let us know if you research programmes contain PhD and postdoc students who have a veterinary vaccinology focus. We hope to target young scientists to establish whether a workshop/summer school would be useful in helping promote career development as well as gain future funding.
  • The website is in much need of photos and news, let us know if you have any news to share at
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