2nd July 2015

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Veterinary Vaccinology Network Newsletter

BBSRC Veterinary Vaccinology Strategy 2015 - 2020

The BBSRC have released their Veterinary Vaccinology Strategy 2015 - 2020.

World-leading BBSRC-supported bioscience research will transform the development and translation of next generation veterinary vaccines to improve animal health and welfare, reduce the impact of zoonoses on public health and strengthen the UK as a centre of excellence for veterinary vaccine research and development.

Animal Health and Welfare ERA Programme funds Veterinary Vaccinology Projects

The Animal Health and Welfare ERA-NET (ANIHWA) programme has funded eleven new research projects to improve animal health and welfare.

Tackling Tuberculosis with a model cow lung

Surrey researchers have won NC3Rs funding to produce an in vitro tissue culture model of the cow lung, with an air-liquid interface that recreates the fundamental elements of the bovine pulmonary alveolus (the small air spaces in the lungs where carbon dioxide leaves the blood and oxygen enters it).

Vaccinology Career Development Workshop

Co-hosted at the Moredun Institute, Edinburgh - 27th October 2015

The One Day Workshop hosted on 27th October at The Moredun Institute, Edinburgh will include a range of presentations focusing on Vaccinology Career Development, providing complementary perspectives from funders and successful grant winners in Veterinary Vaccinology

'Career Pathway in Veterinary Vaccinology - an expert's experience' 
Professor Willie Donachie, The Moredun Institute

' A field Veterinarian's perspective on Veterinary Vaccinology'
Jennie Batt, Larkmead Veterinary Group Ltd.

'How to write a grant'
Professor Tom Wileman, University of East Anglia

'How to win a grant - a funding bodies perspective'
Dr Alexandra Spittle, BBSRC

'Wellcome Trust Funding Opportunities'
Dr Matt Thakur, The Wellcome Trust

Antigen Discovery and Proteomics of Host Response Workshop

Co-hosted at The Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, 18th November 2015

Including tours of the Centre of Proteome Research and the Centre of Genomic Research
" Parasite Vaccine Antigen Discovery - rational, pragmatic and common-ground approaches"
Dr Alasdair Nisbet, Moredun Research Institute

"Using Deep Sequencing of the transcriptome to refine the proteome - tools for any occasion and species"
Dr David Matthews, University of Bristol

'Dragon's Den' 5 Minute Pitches for access to Proteomic analysis

Papers of Interest

Optimizing the Protection of Cattle against Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Colonization through Immunization with Different Combinations of H7 Flagellin, Tir, Intimin-531 or EspA
Full-Genome Sequencing as a Basis for Molecular Epidemiology Studies of Bluetongue Virus in India
A cyclophosphamide-sensitive cell compartment is essential for homologous protection conferred by licensed vaccines for the control of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in chickens.

Funding Opportunities
Moredun Foundation Scholarship 2015

PLOS Early Career Travel Award Program


Career Opportunities

Early Career Vaccinologist Journal Club

Paper to be discussed at the next Early Career Vaccinologist Journal Club on July 29th 2015:
'Structural basis for epitope masking and strain specificity of a conserved epitope in an intrinsically disordered malaria vaccine candidate' Morales et al.
Chaired by Dr Alexander Corbishley, University of Edinburgh

If you are interested in being a part of this online virtual-led journal club or future sessions please email for further details

Do you have any news or recent papers to be published on the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Website?

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