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April 6, 2015

To advance our knowledge of diversity, inclusion, and workforce and talent strategy, we gather and share relevant articles on a weekly basis. This week, we have identified the following articles of interest for Celebrate Diversity Month.

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Diversity and Inclusion
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National Transgender Discrimination Survey:
Injustice at Every Turn

This large, comprehensive study finds that transgender and gender non-conforming people face injustice at every turn in their lives. Almost two-thirds have experienced acts of discrimination that had a major adverse effect on their quality of life, and ability to sustain themselves physically and emotionally.
  • 78% have been harassed or assaulted at school.
  • 90% have been harassed, mistreated or discriminated against at work.
  • Nearly 50% have experienced adverse job outcomes.
Focus on Gender
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Harvard Business Review: The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM

Researchers and study authors find that bias pushes women out of STEM, and that it plays out differently depending on race or ethnicity.

Highlights from the article: 
  • Prove-It-Again: Two thirds, especially Black women, said their successes were discounted and their expertise questioned.
  • The Tightrope: Black women and Latinas more often feel they have to precariously balance between being too feminine to be competent, and too masculine to be likable.
  • The Maternal Wall: Asian and White women most often find that when they have children, their commitment and competence are questioned, and opportunities start drying up.
  • The Tug-Of-War: Latinas and White women, especially, find that women who've encountered discrimination early in their careers often distance themselves from other women (although three-fourths of all interviewed and surveyed said other women supported them).
  • Isolation: The feeling that socially engaging with colleagues may negatively affect perceptions about their competence is especially prevalent among Black and Latina women.

Work Redesign and Flexibility
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Pacific Standard: Couples Want To Lean In Together, But They Need Employers To Change Too

Work redesign and flexibility leads to gender equality.
  • Implement systemic changes in work culture to de-stigmatize men taking on parenting roles.
  • Challenge overwork norms that lead to gender stereotyped split of job and family responsibilities.

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