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March 19, 2015

To advance our knowledge of diversity, inclusion, gender and workplace flexibility, we gather and share relevant articles on a weekly basis. This week, we have identified the following articles of interest.

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Diversity & Inclusion – Gender Focus
Caroline Simard, Exponential Talent's Co-Leader and Leader of Diversity, Workplace Transformation and Innovation Services, is quoted extensively in U.K.’s The Guardian article about sexism being alive and well in Silicon Valley.
Key quotations from the article:
  • "'Research shows that women do have to prove themselves, work themselves harder and they are evaluated to a harsher standard,' notes Simard."
  • “When women are drastically under-represented it creates an environment where such (sexist) behavior can thrive.”
  • "There is no magic bullet for culture change, says Simard. You have to look at every single point, it can be discouraging and it takes time – a mindset which Silicon Valley is not always used to."
Molly Anderson, President of Exponential Talent, and Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Clayman Institute, were both quoted in an article about gender diversity programming and culture change at tech news site Smashd.
Key quotations from the article:
  • “'There has been much focus on the numbers here in Silicon Valley,' said Molly Anderson, President of Exponential Talent LLC. 'But to realize true diversity we have to look beyond the data which measure the ratio and focus on true inclusion. This means we can’t just put all our attention on filling the pipeline of women into management, we actually have to change the culture and the system around it.'”
  • "Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University agrees, 'Inclusion means the breadth of the skills and experience each person brings to the workplace is valued. [...A] key benefit of diversity and inclusion: unparalleled innovation.'”
Diversity & Inclusion
Work Redesign & Flexibility
Key facts and quotations from the article:
  • Long work hours increased mortality by almost 20%.
  • Workplace stress — such as long hours, job insecurity and lack of work-life balance — contributes to at least 120,000 deaths each year and accounts for up to $190 billion in health care costs.
  • Highly demanding jobs raised the odds of a physician-diagnosed illness by 35%.
  • Work-family conflict and work injustice had just as much impact on health as long work hours or shift work.
  • "Many companies and organizations ... institute wellness programs that focus on encouraging employees to eat better or exercise more. Meanwhile, these companies overlook the atmosphere of the workplace setting itself," according to Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Highlights from the article:
  • Workplace flexibility and work redesign increases engagement and productivity. 
  • A Stanford study found a 13% increase in productivity from employees who work from home versus office-bound colleagues. 
  • Millennials are not content with traditional workplaces - 90% agreed employers should provide flexible schedules.
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