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May 6, 2015

To advance our knowledge of diversity, inclusion, and workforce and talent strategy, we gather and share relevant articles on a weekly basis. This week, we have identified the following articles of interest.

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Diversity & Inclusion
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Deloitte: Millennial Survey 2015 - Mind the Gaps
Excerpts from survey findings:
  • 75% of millennials believe businesses are focused on their own agendas rather than helping to improve society.
  • Only 28% of millennials feel their organization makes full use of their skills.
  • 65% of emerging market millennials and just 38% of developed market millennials aspire to the top leadership role in their organization, creating an ambition gap.
FastCompany: These are the Companies Winning the Race to Increase Diversity   

New Yorker: Corporate America and L.G.B.T. Rights

Diversity & Inclusion – Gender Focus
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Glasshammer: Update 2015 - Is the FTSE 100's Boardroom Progress Real?

According to the Women on Boards report by Cranfield School of Management:
  • The FTSE 100 no longer has any all-male boards, and 41 companies have over 25% female boards (vs 12 in 2011).
  • There are now 263 female directors, with only 17 more to appoint this year to meet the target of 25% women on boards.
  • The UK now ranks fifth among Europe in terms of the number of women on boards.
  • However, women make up less than 1 of 10 executive directors in the FTSE 100 – comprising 8.6% of executive directors, but 28.5% of non-executive directors. Since 2011, there’s been a 204% increase in female non-executive appointments (122 seats), but only a 33% increase in female executive appointments (6 seats).
Organizational Change
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McKinsey: How to beat the transformation odds
  • Companies with rigorous transformation approaches (24 specific practices are identified) report 79% success rates compared to just 26% success rates at most organizations.
  • Rates of improvement double if an environment of continuous improvement is implemented. 
  • Companies with open communication are 8X more likely to report a successful transformation.
  • Additional major contributors to successful transformation include active leaders, defined accountability, and clear roles.
Exponential Talent in the News
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Fortune: Underpaid since your last job? How to catch up

Fortune magazine's, "Ask Annie," column about how to make up for being underpaid in your last job quotes Exponential Talent founder Molly Anderson: 
  • Since it’s in the company’s best interest to pay its employees competitively, Anderson said, “...the tone of this conversation should be, ‘How can we get where we need to go?’ Always approach it in terms of ‘we’.”
  • “It’s to a company’s advantage to pay people according to how valuable the role is, rather than based on their skill as negotiators.” 
  • “Does it really make sense to create a situation where the most money goes to the best negotiator, whether or not he or she is better at the job?”
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