Custom fitted Holsters and Hyack Parade 2015
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Custom fitted Holsters !

why it's worth it to get your holster fitted to your firearm

In this short video Mark demonstrates what separates a standard store-bought holster from one of our custom hand made fitted holsters.

Because we case the holster and mold the leather to your gun, the holster fits snug like a glove and has some retention. Your firearm will not fall out, even if held upside down, yet you can pull it out quite easily. This is really nice to have it that way because when you don't want the firearm to bounce around inside the holster when you are walking around. 

Our holsters do keep their integrity and retention as long as you maintain the leather properly, meaning, you don't over oil it. (We will be doing a video soon on how to maintain your leather goods) 

As always our videos are un-rehearsed and taken in one shot.
We filmed this video outside the shop and this time we were lucky and no cars drove by. But as you can clearly hear, our polish rooster Steve insisted to cock-a-doodle-doo continuously - Ranch life pure :-)

Hope you like it, leave us a comment below the video or hit reply to this newsletter, we would love to hear from you. 

Holsters: custom fitted Holsters
custom hand made holsters fitted to your firearm

Seymour Artillery !

Hyack Parade and loud firings in New Westminster BC

Mark is a member of the Seymour Artillery and on May 23, 2015 they participated in the 44th Hyack International Parade in New Westminster, BC.

With the new 6 pounder cannon Morgana on their float they won first prize in the category for 
Clubs and associations and they won the Mayor's award. 

After the parade they moved the cannon over to City Hall where the Portland Rose Planting took place. Each year since 1971 a new rose is planted and dedicated to the Presidents of the Hyack Festival Association. After the planting five very loud firings by the Seymour Artillery happened in honour of all dignitaries and guests. 

Watch here the last firing and see Mark, Larry Beckett and Ryan Jones in action on Morgana (video courtesy of Zoya Jones). 

PS: If you too would like to fire a cannon, consider becoming a member of the Seymour Artillery. If you are interested send us an email and will connect you. 
Seymour Artillery in action on Morgana, their new cannon

Happy trails
Beaver Mountain Works
We will NOT be at the June or July HACS Show !  
If you want to connect with us, come again to the

August HACS Show

Sunday August 9, 2015 from 8.30am-1pm at Evergreen Hall, Chilliwack

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