7 essential tools to start leather work
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The 7 essential tools to start doing Leather Work 

Part 1

This little video series is by request. We are talking about the 7 essential tools one needs to start with leather work. 

There is a large number of tools out there than one can
acquire to do leather work but not all are essential to start out doing projects. This is why we put together a list of 7 tools that are essential and today we introduce you to 2 out of the 7, 

Awls and Cutting Tools. 

7 Essential Tools to start doing Leather Work - Part 1
Part 1 of the 7 Essential Tools to start doing Leather Work

Resource Guide

Awls (scratch awls, stitching awls, sewing awls)
- could be a simple piece of wood with a nail or
Stitching Awl  
- don't buy the Sewing Awl Kit, this isn't the easiest tool to use especially for a beginner and therefore could be a waste of your money. 

Cutting Tools
- any utility knife or x-acto knife will do or
Precision Craft Knife

- put a piece of wood or rubber underneath the leather to not dull the blade or
Poundo Board

You can get these products either at Tandy Leather (if you are in the United States click here). 
In case you missed it, here our Video on how to take care of Leather Goods
Holsters: custom fitted Holsters
All your Leather Goods need some TLC once in a while, learn how to do it here!
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