Episode 3 of the series "A Glimpse into making the Mare's Leg Rig", Review of the big 2-day HACS Show in Chilliwack and outlook to next HACS Show April 19, 2015. 
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A Glimpse into making the Mare's Leg Rig

Episode 3 - Beveling, Punching holes and Marking

Today we are already releasing episode 3 of our 10 part series "A Glimpse into making the Mare's Leg Rig". We are aware that we are far from perfect lighting, decent sound and good video quality... BUT we are having a lot of fun making these videos. Check out our new Welcome Video on our Youtube Channel here

But back to our mini series "A Glimpse into making the Mare's Leg Rig", if this is your first visit here with us, watch Episode 1 and 2 first. Because in this mini video series Mark gives you a glimpse behind the scenes on how he builds a Mare’s Leg holster and Prospector Belt.

In Episode 1: "Pattern layout and marking" Mark gives a short insight in what is important to consider when laying out the patterns for the Mare's Leg Holster and Prospector belt. Watch it here.

In Episode 2: "Cutting out the parts" Mark gives a short overview in what techniques he is using to cut out the parts for the Mare's Leg Holster and Prospector belt. Check it out here.

Now in Episode 3: "Beveling, Punching holes and Marking" Mark really gets into how he makes the edges smooth, what holes he punches into the holster and why, and he also shows you how he marks every single holster with a series code, a color code and our logo. 

Watch it by clicking on the video below. 

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Holster: A Glimpse into making the Mare's Leg Rig, Episode 3: beveling and punching holes
Glimpes into making the Mare's Leg Rig: Episode 3 Beveling and punching holes

Review of the 2-day HACS Show

March 7th-8th at Heritage Park, Chilliwack

The two day HACS Show in Chilliwack last weekend was a huge success for us. It was great to see so many familiar faces and very exciting to meet new folks that have not connected with us before.

e love to talk about your ideas and projects that you have, and how we might be able to help you with our expertise and craftsmanship. Below Mark lstanding proud at his three tables full of samples of our high quality handmade leather goods. 
This is our friend Larry Beckett from the Seymour Artillery. He was right behind us and his two canons sure drew a lot of people our way. 
He is looking for additional members so if you want to be part of this group and fire the canon, drop us a line and we will make the connection for you. 
If you missed this great show come see us at the next regular 1-day show:


Sunday April 19, 2015 from 8.30am-1pm at Evergreen Hall, Chilliwack

You dream it - we make it !

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