Learn how to fall in love with work!
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Do You Love What You Do?
This Valentine's Day, are you thinking about your significant other—Work?

Sound absurd? Maybe. But if you work full time, you probably spend more time with Work than with anyone else in your life.

Doesn't it make sense to fall in love with it?!

A recent Gallup poll reported that 50% of employees are unengaged (present but uninspired) and another 20% are actively disengaged (very unhappy at work), which means 70% of us are unhappily married to our jobs! That's the bad news.

Here's the good news:

Putting fun and playfulness to work can ignite the passion, creativity, and courage that will enable you to fall in love with what you do and make a living doing what you love.

In this month's Fun Blog, we explore love at work and share fun coaching tips to help you liberate more joy in this significant relationship. 

Check out the inspiring and humorous TED Talk below in which Shawn Achor shares the happy secret to better work (and just about everything else). 

We encourage you to try some of our mini play breaks to blur the line between work and play which, paradoxically, can make your work more successful.

Need more help? Our professional fun coaching sessions and playshops can help you put the power of play to work!

Ginny and Jen

The Fun Conspiracy
Love at Work
When was the last time you left work overwhelmed with positive feelings? Or left work feeling more energized and enthusiastic? Or jumped out of bed eager to get to work? Can't remember? Read on...
Happy Secrets to Better Work
Happiness researcher, author and psychologist Shawn Achor shares the surprising secret to better work in this hilarious TED Talk that has everyone talking about happiness in the workplace. Watch video now.

Putting Play to Work

Time is one of the biggest excuses adults use for not playing more (or at all) at work or anywhere else for that matter!

And yet,
being playful at work is one of the most efficient ways to unlock creativity, encourage innovative problem-solving, enhance collaboration, increase energy and enthusiasm, and decrease unhealthy stress that zaps productivity and morale. 

In fact, when engaged in regularly, play can help us realize many of these benefits in just a few minutes! The renewed energy and fresh perspective gained from a short play break can help you feel better while accomplishing more in less time. Don't believe us? Try putting play to work!

Here are a few of our favorite mini play breaks:

Five-Minute Dance Party

Research shows that even a little exercise can have big benefits for boosting mood, memory and energy levels. Adding music enhances these benefits. Close your office door, pick an upbeat song on your smart phone, and use earbuds for a covert dance party. If your workplace is open to a little silliness, invite co-workers to a 5-minute dance off in a conference or break room.

Walk This Way (& That)

Injecting silliness into our daily routine is a great way to shake up and reconnect our neurons (and our sense of humor). The next time you need to walk to another office or room, try skipping, taking another route or silly walking. Your body will thank you with feel-good hormones and, if you've tried option 3, so will your coworkers (after they recover from laughing—which is its own reward!).

Grab a Crayon (Pencil or Pen)

And take a 10-minute coloring or doodle break.

Adult coloring books are filling the Top 10 Bestseller Lists for a good reason.
Coloring helps alleviate stress, boosts creativity and can be done almost anywhere. There are even coloring apps for your smart phone, though we recommend going old school and using crayons, colored pencils and/or markers for maximum bliss. Doodling is also a great way to express your inner artist, particularly when coloring supplies are limited (a pencil or pen will work just fine). Studies show that doodling can improve memory by 30 percent! 

Would you like to liberate more joy and success at work?

Contact us to learn more!

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