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(Gr)attitude Adjustment

In our consumer-driven culture, it can feel like we are constantly "on holiday" (and not in a good way), taking our cues from the ever-changing seasonal themes in our local retail stores.

This nonstop pressure to decorate and celebrate can leave us feeling more than a little disoriented and overwhelmed. It's not surprising that many of us experience gratitude fatigue before we even get to Thanksgiving!

And herein lies the irony.

There is substantial research that shows expressing gratitude is one of the best ways we can increase our sense of well-being and happiness.

Those same studies show that what we are most grateful for can't be bought at the mall on Black Friday, as we explore in this month's blog
Luckily, you can give yourself a gratitude adjustment.

One of the best ways to express gratitude is to feel it first. That may sound obvious, but if you are feeling obligated to feel grateful you may not get there.

Need a little help?

You can start by joining Matt Harding for his joy-inspiring happy dance around the world. Then try some of our Gratitude Games below.

Need a little more help?

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Gratitude & Black Friday
To my knowledge no dying person ever wished s/he'd spent more time shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday. So why has our national day of gratitude become overshadowed by Black Friday? In our blog, we share ways we can all conspire to have a lot more fun! Read more.
Dancing with the Whole World
Having a hard time finding your happy dance? Dancing Guy and viral Internet sensation Matt Harding will inspire you as he dances (badly!) around the world, proving you don't have to dance well, you just have to dance to create more joy & heartfelt connections. Start Dancing now!

Gratitude Games

Does the thought of keeping a gratitude journal make want to run and hide? Having a hard time finding something to be grateful for? Try playing with gratitude to help you access this powerful practice and its many benefits.

Here are a few gratitude games to get you started:

Take a Hike: Go on a walk and immerse yourself in the awe and wonder of nature. Be curious, use all your senses, and savor all the positive things you discover. Try a "savoring walk" like the one recommended by the Greater Good Science Center.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Go on a photo safari and capture things you are grateful for such as nature or something that you enjoy doing, that makes you feel strong, that makes you laugh or that blows your mind. If mobility is an issue, find images online or in magazines. Invite friends to play along.

Hug o' War:
Playful, affectionate touch is a powerful way to boost your body's oxytocin and serotonin levels and promote trust, connection, and a sense of well-being. For optimum benefit, hold a hug for at least 6 seconds. Try to collect 5 hugs in 24 hours.

Leave Gratitude Clues: Supercharge your gratitude with the element of surprise! Leave sticky note "thank yous" in unexpected places. Include a doodle for extra smiles!

Endless Blessings Game: This is a fun and silly way to multiply your blessings. Bless in twos or in a round with each player attempting to "out-bless" the previous one. A round might go like this: Player 1 "May the fruits of your labors never spoil," Player 2, "And may they all be beautiful," Player 3, "And ripe," and so forth... For more examples, visit

Photo credit: Day 285: A Familiar Hug by Snugg LePup | CC BY-NC 2.0
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