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When Do You Feel Free?
If you're American, you might be feeling a little more free on Monday.

But Americans are not alone in cherishing freedom. Right now, people are fighting for it all around the world.

In the Middle East, people are striving to practice religious and cultural beliefs without fear of retaliation. In Europe, there are countries trying to free themselves from crippling national debt. And here in the U.S., citizens are fighting for the right to express identities that don't fit into traditional gender roles or sexual orientations.

The desire for freedom is universal. And yet, we often have a hard time honoring each other's rights.

But there is a place where we can all taste freedom—even in the midst of challenges. It's a place most of know but may not have visited for a long time.

We find our freedom when we find our inner playground.

The drive to play is as strong as the drive to be free and, luckily, these drives are mutually supportive. Playfulness naturally liberates joy and frees us to express our most authentic selves, which we explore in this month's blog and experienced first-hand in our Sol Camp for Grown Ups in June (check out our photo album below!). 

Need more convincing?

We invite you to read the feature article below, "All Work and No Play?," to learn how play practitioners like The Fun Conspiracy are helping individuals and organizations rediscover the power of play.

Need a little help finding your fun?

Our playful life coaching sessions and leadership playshops can help you experience more freedom, well-being and joy in all aspects of your life.
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Ginny and Jen

The Fun Conspiracy
All Work and No Play?
With the growing popularity of adult coloring books, summer camps and laugher yoga, it would seem that adults are starving for playtime. Learn how play practitioners like The Fun Conspiracy are helping adults get their daily dose of fun to support well-being. Read the full article.
The Freedom of Expression
Man up. Chin up. Suck it up. Hold it in... If this sounds like a good way to tie yourself in knots, you'd be right. Our reluctance to shed tears or express emotions can increase our unhappiness and put us at risk for health problems. Now that's some-thing to cry about!  Read more.
Sol Camp Summer Memories
We had wonderful time playing with Sol Campers from across the country at our beautiful mountain campsite in Marshall, NC. We played lots of games, danced, colored, sang, hula hooped, hiked, meditated, enjoyed yoga, blew bubbles, made nature mandalas and, of course, found things to burn in our campfire including anything we wanted to get "off our plates!"

We're already looking forward to our next camp and are exploring the possibility of offering full-day and 
weekend-long camps over the next year as well.

Stay tuned for more information!

Ready to liberate more joy now? (why wait for camp?)
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