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Do You Know How To KISS?
You might be thinking of your love life or, depending on how that's going, you might be thinking about the design principle "Keep It Simple, Stupid."

As Fun Coaches, we often encourage our clients to "Keep It Simple, Sweetie." (By the way, keeping it simple can work wonders for your love life too!)

We have found that developing a playful mindset simplifies and sweetens our clients' lives by turning problems into puzzles, adversaries into allies, and worries into wonders.

Sounds simple, right?! 

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that seriously devalues play, one in which kindergarten has become the new first grade, children are losing opportunities for free-play at an alarming rate, and the majority of adults don't have paid vacation time or aren't using the vacation days they do have. 

In other words, none of us is playing much anymore. 

In this month's FUN Blog, we invite you to explore how fun coaching has helped clients access the power of play at work, in parenting and in addictions recovery.  

In our feature article below, author and psychologist Kathryn Hirsh–Pasek, Ph.D. makes a case for adult playtime and shares some interesting trends in adult play.

Do you need help getting your game on? 

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Do You Know How To KISS?
Curious how fun coaching can help you untie life's tangled knots and have fun in the process? In this month's blog, we share how our clients learned how to KISS, find their bliss and untie those pesky knots! Read our blog...
The Case for Adult Playtime
Psychologist and author Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek explains why adults need to take play seriously, what happens when we don't & how it helps us achieve our full potential, freedom and joy. Read article.
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