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Hello again, 

In the run up to Pentecost, we're just sending a short reminder to our contacts around the London area about our two public debates and our prayer installation at St Michael's Cornhill in the City of London (EC3V 9DS) next week, 9-13 May. 

Join us on Wednesday 11 May at 7.30pm, when we will be discussing the EU Referendum - with Frank Field MP, Jonathan Chaplin, Caroline MacFarland and Eliza Filby, and on Thursday 12 May at 7pm, the accountability of the City of London - with Maurice Glasman, Philip Booth and Eve Poole. Come and meet others in a stimulating evening - drinks afterwards. Entrance is free - details for how to register below.

Visit our prayer installation for the Common Good - available in the church all week, 9.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, it consists of eight prayer stations, offering a space to be still and reflect on what scripture has to say about the Common Good.

Help us spread the word - could you forward this email to your friends who work in the City, and others across London who would be interested? Alerting people in advance by retweeting our Twitter messages would be great too. Thanks!

See you there!
Together for the Common Good
Wednesday 11 May: A Balance of Interests: Britain, the EU and the Common Good. With The Rt Hon Frank Field MPDr Jonathan ChaplinCaroline MacFarland. Moderator: Dr Eliza Filby.

What is the EU for? What is our vision for Britain in the world? The EU Referendum decision is widely portrayed as about the ‘British national interest’, which it certainly is. But in the Christian tradition, politics is about promoting ‘the common good’, something much wider than the interests of one nation. What is ‘the national interest’ anyway? At this critical watershed moment we invite you to join us for this special debate, to consider this balance of interests - how we can bring together what is good for Britain with what is good for Europe. For more detail click here. 

Entrance is free. All welcome. Drinks afterwards.
Registration via Eventbrite (free drink with Eventbrite ticket).

Thursday 12 May: Is it Possible to Build a Common Good With Money?
With Lord Maurice Glasman and Professor Philip Booth. 
Moderator: Dr Eve Poole.

The City of London is a formidable generator of wealth, and is the main driver of our national economy. But given its relationship with globalised capital, how accountable is our most ancient democratic city, and how can its inheritance be a blessing to all of London and the country? In the Judeo-Christian traditions, making money is an honourable occupation with a legitimate purpose when it builds the Common Good, the energy and jobs that create the conditions in which everyone prospers. But public trust is low and there is concern even within the financial sector that the vices outweigh the virtues. Join us for this special debate to consider the possibilities for doing good in business while also maintaining a healthy bottom line. For more detail click here. 

Entrance is free. All welcome. Drinks afterwards.
Registration via Eventbrite (free drink with Eventbrite ticket).

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