PLATINA 2 newsletter - November 2015
Status of the PLATINA 2 project

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PLATINA 2 is a pan-European multidisciplinary project to promote inland waterway transport. It supports the implementation of the European Action Programme NAIADES 2 in the fields of “Markets & Awareness”, Innovation & Fleet”, “Qualifications” and “Infrastructure”, in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders. 

Save the date!

The PLATINA2 Final Event will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 5 February 2016 and will be the occasion to look back on the achievements of the project and look ahead to the future.

Please mark this date in your agenda, we hope you will be able to join us!

Action Field: Markets & Awareness

Mission: analyses & tools to assist with increase of modal share
  • Market transfer in the Danube region: After the Danube workshops on high & heavy cargo and renewables in Spring, the final report with recommendations to facilitate market transfer in the Danube region is available. Main recommendations cover the importance of good navigation status & removal of bottlenecks, simplification and harmonisation of administrative processes and last but not least improvement of facilities in ports and transhipment sites along the Danube.
For more information, contact Paul Lambrechts

Action Field: Innovation & Fleet

Mission: analyses & tools to speed up the uptake of innovation
  • Innovation financing: in the framework of the working group on financial instruments, Platina2 provided technical assistance for the set-up of the online survey by EBU and ESO on the financing needs of the sector for modernisation. The survey is open in 4 languages and gives ship operators the opportunity to list obstacles and needs in a confidential way. Platina2 calls upon all readers to help disseminate the survey as widely as possible, so that as many ship operators as possible can have their say.
  • Greening tool: is fully functional. Platina2 and Prominent focus on the wide dissemination of the tool via a tutorial video to enable ship operators to explore what technologies they need to make their ship compliant with future emission regulation. The online tool also allows manufacturers to showcase their greening solutions. Platina2 calls upon all readers to help disseminate the tool as widely as possible via their networks and social media.
  • Innovation roadmap: The final innovation roadmap outlining future research needs is available. The input with regard to deployment is taken up in the Horizon2020 Prominent project.
  • External costs: The results of the draft study "Review of European data sets and identification of gaps for calculation of external costs of emissions to air by inland waterway transport" have been discussed at a workshop with policy makers, experts from waterway authorities, national statistical institutes and Eurostat on 5 October. A next meeting with statistical institutes took place on 6 November. The focus is on solutions with the largest impact and quick wins to close the gaps. The final report is scheduled for end 2015.
For more information, contact Henk-Erik Sierink

Action Field: Qualifications

Mission: analyses & tools to improve inland navigation skills and logistics awareness
  • Ship-handling simulators: Platina2 is working on technical standards for IWT ship-handling simulators. On 8 July and 13 October 2015, the manufactures and developers of simulators have met in Rotterdam to discuss the functionalities and the technical standards that should be elaborated. The first set of technical standards will become known in November, after which they will be finalised and delivered to EC DG MOVE.
  • Learning material database: the consolidation and provision of learning content deliverable, providing the extension of the database of common IWT learning materials and its dissemination with the creation of one-stop-shop of logistics learning materials was approved by EC DG MOVE. 
  • Logistics training: The next river show will be organised in Zagreb, Croatia, on 20 November 2015. The final river show, combining Germany and the Netherlands, will take place on 14 December 2015 in Rotterdam. In case you would like to participate in the river show, please contact us. 
For more information, contact Jaap Gebraad

Action Field: Infrastructure

Mission: analyses & tools to assist with a better use of the waterway infrastructure
  • RIS revision: Platina2 provides support to the European Commission regarding the revision of the RIS directive. A policy paper listing possible objectives and related possible regulatory measures (e.g. increasing the minimum requirements for member states in order to close last gaps in the Inland AIS infrastructures) will be provided end 2015.
  • Expert Group on waterway maintenance: The 3rd and last workshop took place on 16 and 17 September in Iffezheim (GER) and Strasbourg (F) with exchanges on efficient fairway maintenance. Good practices are being collected and analysed for  the final manual on fairway maintenance which will be available by end 2015.
For more information, contact Gudrun Maierbrugger
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