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hive mind update vol. 15
Hey squad,

We’re almost half way through 2017! Can y’all believe it? I guess time flies when you’re meticulously tracking Bey’s pregnancy and watching the news through parted fingers. It’s about time for my mid-year 2017 goal check in. Keep an eye out in the next newsletter. Speaking of: Hive Mind will be taking a short break in June. I have lots of deadlines & I’ll be in Tokyo for most of the month, so I can’t pull off a newsletter. (This shit takes time! lol) Don’t stress tho, I wouldn’t leave you hangin. Scroll down for a list of dope newsletters to check out while Hive Mind is temporarily offline. Follow me on twitter @simoneivory to stay in touch in real time during my brief hiatus.

After the jump:
  • Press | Pub News | Etc with some exciting Testify updates!
  • Peep This Poet featuring my colleague and sister-friend Ashley Davis, plus ten writers responding to #45’s first 100 days, in 100 words
  • Ima Read talmbout a compelling anthology I’m reading + a new book you should be checking for
  • Newsletter Round Up so y’all don’t get lonely while Hive Mind is on vacation
  • Upcoming Events so we can read poems & do yoga & kick it IRL


Press | Pub News | Etc 

PBS Testify Feature

PBS ran an article about Testify! Read it here.

Good News: Testify Publicity 

This has been in the works for a few months, but now I can officially say Jack Jones Literary Arts will be repping Testify! (For book-buyers that probably sounds boring/unspectacular, but on the back end it’s kind of a big deal.) Suffice to say, me and the homies at Octo are AMPED. If you are (or are connected to) editors, booksellers, or reviewers, and you’d like an advance reader copy, write to: More good news to come!

Peep This Poet 📝🎤

BuzzFeed's Writerly Recap on the First 100 Days 
 (pictured: Fatimah Asghar) 

To mark #45’s first 100 days in office, Buzzfeed asked ten writers to sum up their emotions in 100 words. Check out Fatimah Asghar’s poetic contribution to the list below. Head here for the full article, featuring faves like Danez Smith, Saeed Jones, Eileen Myles, and others.

his last name means to win

& so he drops bombs that flatten

children to prove he can.

my friends write ‘not my president’

on twitter & I am the farthest

from home I’ve been in a long time.

I write ‘I pledge no allegiance’

in my poems but the children stay

dead, buried by cement & america

goes on eating, drinking, dancing

all night while the children never grow

up. he’s not my president but I live

in a country whose sun is war

& we keep rotating around its warmth

our faces, sun kissed, each & every morning.

Ashley Davis

Some of y’all may remember Ashley Davis from the launch party for my chap, Collateral last year. Ashley recently got accepted into VONA/Voices, an incredible workshop for writers of color. Peep the video of her performing above and keep an eye out for the next phase of her latest project.
Congrats fam! 👏👏We're so proud of you!💕
Ima Read: Books I'm Reading 📚 

Color of Violence: Incite! Anthology and
Invisible No More
by Andrea J. Ritchie
What would it take to end violence – domestic, sexual, state, imperial, and otherwise—against women of color?

Color of Violence tackles this thorny question head on. In the tradition of the black feminist classic This Bridge Called My Back and contemporary anthologies like Revolutionary Mothering, this work centers on the experiences of WOC who are often excluded from the dialogues about issues that, in many ways, impact them the most. The whole anthology is great, and I’d especially recommend Andrea J. Ritchie’s essay “Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color.” (She also has an essay in Who Do You Serve? Who Do You Protect?, which I bought during my holiday book spree—aka The Great Haymarket Binge of 2016—but have yet to read in full.) Andrea’s forthcoming book Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color expands on this subject even further. Look for it August 1 or pre-order here.
Newsletter Round Up

Well-Read Black Girl

Description: Well-Read Black Girl celebrates & promotes the phenomenal Black women on our bookshelves.
Perfect for: Staying plugged into the latest happenings in all corners of the black literary world.
Frequency: Bi-monthly
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Description: The scoop on stories that you can’t get anywhere else, from our newsroom and beyond. Get stories that matter, straight to your inbox.
Perfect for: Anyone who’s tired of parsing mainstream media fuckery in search of the facts, and/or anyone who’s into thorough, high-quality investigative journalism.
Frequency: Weekly
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A Woman to Know
DescriptionEvery day we feature a woman you should know for her life in art, politics, science and more.
Perfect for: Painlessly increasing your knowledge of women’s history, one bad b*tch at a time.
Frequency: Daily, yet it manages not to be annoying/overwhelming
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Stacey Tran: Lunch Poems
Description: Bite-sized missives from the mind of Stacey Tran250 words or less once a week.
Perfect for: A regular dose of playful, concise, irreverent poetry. Fun Fact: Gramma will be publishing Stacey's first full-length collection Soap for the Dogs, in 2018! We are v v excited to be bringing Stacey's work to you. Stay tuned for more updates. 
Frequency: Weekly
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The Create Daily
DescriptionA resource for storytellers, content creators, and media makers to help you create daily and thrive professionally.
Perfect for: Staying plugged into resources and funding opportunities. (Shout out the homie for putting me on🙏🙌) 
Frequency: Daily
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Weekly Gramma
Description:  Weekly Gramma is an online content series, delivering new poems to your inbox every week.
Perfect for: Curated poems & media from poets across the world, plus excerpts of Gramma titles.
Frequency: Weekly
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Upcoming Events, Etc


Wednesday, May 17 6:30pm-7:30pm @ 549 Columbus Ave 
Word around the Hive is our next class will be packed with Bad Boy classics. (Three words y'all: Kima, Keisha, & Pam.) You didn't hear it from me tho. No facebook event yet-- save the date and follow us to know when it goes live.
[SATURDAY] Black Ocean BASH Reading Series

Saturday, May 20 6pm- 8pm @ 6 Vernon St. 3rd Floor (Studio 33)
Black Ocean's reading series has returned, and they've got a dope new space in Somerville. I'll be reading there next weekend with fellow Octopus poet Amy Lawless, Gramma poet Christine Shan Shan Hou, and Black Ocean's own Thera Webb. Check out the facebook invite here for more details.

Lemonade x Daughters of the Dust: Screening + Pop Up

Sunday, May 28, 12pm-3pm @ 549 Columbus Ave
Bring your squad to our intimate screening of Daughters of the Dust, a seminal piece of black film. Mingle + shop at our vendor tables during Lemonade Cocktail Hour, or grab a drink and watch Lemonade projected on the big screen. Stick around for a full screening of Daughters of the Dust (watch the trailer here and peep the links below). Vendors to be announced soon. Head to the facebook invite for more deets.

LISTEN: Daughters Of The Dust' Re-Released Following Attention From Beyoncé (8 min)

READ: Director Julie Dash on Daughters of the Dust, Beyoncé, and Why We Need Film Now More Than Ever

READ: How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Helped Bring a Groundbreaking Film Back to Theaters
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