The NBTMusicRadio's Best Albums and singles 2015

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It’s a simple post this time about a gloriously complex thing.
The Best Albums and Tracks as featured on the NBTMusicRadio’s 24 hr a day never ending stream this past 2015.

you can also find out more about the different artists and get links to their pages via the NBTMusicRadio’s Facebook Page.

This Year we had music from Countries all across the globe, from different Cultures and Musical Tribes. From Nashville Country to Electro IndieBubbleGum , From EuroHardcore to African Ambient.  As the world seemed to edge into a place where Conservative ideals ruled, from Entertainment, through Business via Politics and into our daily lives, these artists  shook that system right up by creating honest and amazing collections we could cling to through all the bad times.

As the mainstream continued to fumble and foul, pushing out an ever decreasing selection of ever irrelevant acts, the Independent music movement /virus grew ever stronger, and we were able to play it all!

Thanks to ALL the bands that sent us music this year, you made it damn difficult to select JUST 180 songs and 180 albums; we could have, in all honesty made the list twice as long with no drop in quality.
NBT isn’t the most humble of creatures as you probably know but we have good reason to be proud of our broadcast this year and that is due to the amazing musicians and the listeners who listen with curious minds and keep us all going.

Well done!

If you haven’t done so already do SUPPORT the radio, you know it’s worth it (heck someone has to supply an alternative to Adele at the next dinner party)

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